ROCWORTHY Prepares His New Single “Free Love” For February 2024

IMG_5306 ROCWORTHY Prepares His New Single “Free Love” For February 2024

ROCWORTHY is a current rising artist who was born in New York, but spent most of his childhood days in his homeland in Africa known as The Democratic Republic of Congo. As of recently he’s been preparing for the release of his new single “Free Love” which is set to hit all platforms in February.

While spending his recent days in Congo, ROCWORTHY has been working very closely with a notable native producer named Shedy Beats. The production was made purely from scratch by Shedy Beats, and this is for sure a major look when it comes to working with high ranking producers from Congo. The single was created by flipping a demo of Pop melodies into something new with an Afro Beats influence. The demo was given to ROCWORTHY by this friend Spencer Flores who is also an up and coming Latin American artist. This is said to be some of ROCWORTHY’s best work yet, and something that fans of all backgrounds could relate to. 

ROCWORTHY has shown time and time again that he’s a force to be reckoned with when it comes to releasing high quality music. He definitely has all the qualities it takes in order to break an artist through to the mainstream. Make sure to follow ROCWORTHY on all social media platforms @boujeeroc to stay up to date with all current releases by this promising act. 




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