Rowe Rowe Collaborated With Other Emerging artists To Release His Spotify Playlist ‘Chill Vibes’

Rowe Rowe, the 21-year-old rapper from LA, California, is one of the most active representatives of the music industry’s new generation, using the freshest methods and trends to promote his and other emerging artists’ music. Recently, the up and coming artist dropped a Spotify playlist titled Chill Vibes, which, in fact, is a combined effort with other promising artists. As Rowe Rowe believes that music has to be a collaborative creative effort to reach a collective dream instead of being a competition, he announced an open call for other emerging artists to submit their songs to be a part of his playlist. Impressively, he got many positive and inspiring responses. Rowe Rowe once claimed, “as artists, we collectively have that dream of being known and seeking fame, but in this new digital age, it’s about who you know and being authentic, making a change in the game. You have to work for the collective, not just for your self-interest.” Hopefully, he will keep the positive mindset and continue creating with the same attitude and dedication.