Saulo Oliveira S. postpones “Nighthawks” indefinitely: “That song is not coming out this year”

01405DE3-1969-4047-AA97-061299B7D9DC-1-420x500 Saulo Oliveira S. postpones “Nighthawks” indefinitely: “That song is not coming out this year”

In a recent interview with Billboard the Prince of Rock clarified that must be no expectation that any new music will be released this year.

Until months ago, it is worth remembering, Saulo Oliveira had finished the project to release a conceptual single inspired by the work of Edward Hopper, which would give its name to the aforementioned single “Nighthawks”.

However, after the Mosquito Incident was revealed, it became clear that more than just some eccentricity was lurking behind the scenes and that this, of course, would affect the delivery of the song.

Now, almost two years after the release of the EP that began to give more visibility to the rising singer-songwriter, he takes a step back and states that he is prioritising other things in his life at the moment.

Considering the composer’s student avidity, that got his degree in Law at the Pontifical Catholic University of Paraná (2020) and a Harvard degree in Arts and Design from a course in which the study was Beethoven’s 9th Symphony and the 19th Century Orchestra, from Harvard Faculty of Arts and Sciences (2022), It is speculated that he is now focused on a new academic trajectory in the legal field.

Therefore, it is difficult to determine when Saulo will release a new song. But if there is a glimmer of hope for the alternative rock population, it can be deduced from the musician’s own profile on Billboard “Saulo’s devil-may-care personality puts him in a position in which what’s coming next is never predictable”.

In other words, even though he has expressed that he has no intention of releasing the single now, it is always worth continuing to follow Saulo Oliveira’s next steps.

After all, elevated to the pantheon of gods of contemporary creativity, the result of anything Saulo sets out to do can already be anticipated as excellent, breathtaking, colossal.

It’s only a matter of time before Nighthawks is released and the Midas touch is confirmed, once again, on this prolific and brilliant journey of the rocker.

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