Save on Pricey Dog Trainers With These Online Courses, Now Over 95% Off

When it comes to raising a happy, healthy, well-mannered pup, it takes a lot more than teaching them basic commands like “sit” and “stay.” But instead of relying on expensive dog trainers to teach you this stuff, this online dog training bundle gives you the skinny on the best methods and tricks that are proven to work. 

Jam-packed with six courses, all valued at $200 bucks, you’ll follow dog and puppy expert Sharon Bolt as she covers leash training, aggressive behavior, excessive barking, and general obedience. You’ll also learn how to adjust your dog’s diet to help improve their mood and happiness, allowing them to live to their full potential.

Right now, you can get all six courses in the How to Train and Raise a Healthy Dog Master Class Bundle for just $30 bucks, an incredible 97% off its regular rate.

Price subject to change.