Quality Control artist SCY Jimm has just shared his new video single “Members In”. Hailing from the small town of Bunnell, Florida – with a population of around 3,000, SCY Jimm garnered the stamp of approval from QC label boss Pee earlier this year when he was officially crowned with his QC pendant chain. The signing is a testament to Jimm’s stand-out storytelling abilities within his music, and a direct result of SCY Jimm’s breakthrough year in 2022 with the release of his profound mixtape ROOKIE OF THE YEAR, on which he set out to unite his state by collaborating with artists from different areas all across Florida to come together artistically on the project. Highlighted by a string of successful singles, as well as groundbreaking collaborations with his contemporaries & close collaborators like Luh TylerGoldenboy Countup & Wizz HavinnSCY Jimm has been working to prove himself as a leader and subsequently, a household name within his state’s booming Hip-Hop scene. To kick off 2023, SCY Jimm officially made his QC debut with his Trench Baby project. Ever since, he’s been steadily contributing to his growing slew of recently-released singles that includes the deeply introspective two-pack “In Too Deep” / “Wrecked the Cat”“Selling Slabs” & “Set In Stone” – continuing his monstrous momentum throughout the adversity that he’s faced while remaining laser-focused on taking his career to new heights.

After his recent two-pack of singles, “In Too Deep” & “Wrecked the Cat”, which are both responses to his real-life experiences, released just a week after SCY Jimm was the victim of a targeted shooting in Daytona and not long after he crashed his newly gifted “Hellcat” from label boss Pee, SCY Jimm has been continuing to build on his momentum with dynamic singles like “Selling Slabs” & “Check”. On his new track “Members In”SCY Jimm delivers an energetic performance filled with both charismatic one-liners and thoughtful reflections on his life & career. “If I shoot my shot and miss, then I’ma spin again / As long as I got this money, I don’t need no friends / Everything I do be real life, this ain’t for pretend”, he raps with a profound sense of pride on the hook. As SCY Jimm continues his knack for simultaneously expressing his contemplative thoughts and eccentric flexes within his raps, he’s continuing to expand upon his craft. In the process, it’s becoming undeniably clear that SCY Jimm is establishing himself as a fundamental artist of his state’s Hip-Hop scene.

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