Sha EK Drops “Last One Left” Single

Bursting out of the Bronx with a booming voice and fiery passion, Sha EK carries his home borough on his back. Today, the 20-year-old rapper turns down the volume and delivers a mission statement with “Last One Left,” his new single. Produced by EMRLD & Wizical Beats, “Last One Left” is a departure from Sha’s usual high-octane drill, bringing a string-laden bounce that evokes the streetwise luxury of the G Unit era. Toning down his megaphone delivery, Sha reflects on his burgeoning rap stardom, promising to make the right moves and build a long career:

“Last One Left,” is a single that will be featured in an upcoming documentary called “As We Speak,”  directed by Jason Harper and slated for release on Paramount+ / MTV in the first half of 2024, which that explores the weaponization of rap lyrics in America’s criminal justice system.

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