Skazz Unveils Rereleased Single ‘Pipe Down’

7877E99C-DF9A-43ED-A141-69C4E402ED17-500x500 Skazz Unveils Rereleased Single ‘Pipe Down’

Skazz unveils his rereleased mastered single ‘Pipe Down’, the Carolina rapper continues to keep dropping and not letting his foot off the gas recently acquiring rights to production and one other of his classic’s ‘Pardon Me’ but no doubt Max2k10 never cease to produce trap bangers in the lab after getting in contact with Shabazz the two worked out a agreement for the beat.

Sources from his team Finesse Circle Worldwide say he is prepared to release his EP ‘Overdue Pt. 1’ this Halloween, one thing for certain the 26 rapper has quite a talent and two things for sure is that, this will not be the last time we hear from Skazz Shabazz musically this year. Press play on ‘Pipe Down’ now.

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