TwoCeez Promises Women Their Worth Will Never Go Unnoticed With His Latest Drop “In Ya Face”

North Las Vegas prolific lyricist  Two Ceez (formerly known as Chilly Chillz), released a brand new single in pair with some lush visuals with cash and bath bubbles flying around.The rapper refers to his new release titled “In Ya Face” as an ode to the right woman who is worth breaking the bank for.
TwoCeez is managing to create great music not only with his undeniable charisma and vivid imagination but also for his mindset and approach towards his music and life: “My music is about life’s struggles and triumphs. I love telling stories. My message is elevation. Always try to elevate yourself, don’t become a victim of your circumstances.”

However, his music also shows us the different, versatile, and unknown side of TwoCeez. After his previous release “One Of A Kind” with its gangsta vibes, “In Ya Face” is having more of a street R&B feel to it. Primarily focusing on his female fanbase, he didn’t make the mistake when he decided to bring back baby-making music by giving it the right amount of urban feel to it.