Unisound is The ultimate Matchmaker Between Sample Buyers and Sellers

64d55157f21eba751d17bb18_Unisound-Open-Graph-Image-500x263 Unisound is The ultimate Matchmaker Between Sample Buyers and Sellers

Unisound, is announcing the launch of their brand new interactive marketplace for owners of sample libraries to sell their sound packs and beats to buyers by using AI-powered “matchmaking,” detailed sales analytics, and more.

Unisound is an online marketplace and social network built by music creators for music creators. We utilize AI to match buyers and sellers, thereby incentivizing collaboration and monetization. All sounds in our marketplace are uploaded by talented creators and sample libraries who manage their own stores and define the terms of their sales. Our mission is to help undiscovered music creators connect with their ideal audience and monetize their authentic sounds, creating a more diverse and engaging musical experience for all.

The market for sample packs is more saturated than ever–forcing modern sample libraries to make and market their sounds and leaving buyers to sift through endless sounds to find exactly what they are looking for.

That’s why Unisound created a platform that lets creators with sample libraries focus on making music and takes care of the rest–providing an open marketplace to sell sound packs, beats, and presets directly to producers and artists. Through its AI-powered Smart Search, deep sales insights, and social features, Unisound powers creative growth, collaboration, and control.

Unisound gives sellers on the marketplace complete control to set the prices of their uploads and even licensing terms, allowing them the option for exclusive releases with limited supply. While competing marketplaces charge high fees or pocket 50-70% of a sample creator’s revenue, Unisound believes in rewarding sample creators’ merit–the platform retaining only 15% of sales.

The marketplace also utilizes a data-driven approach to help sample libraries and creators tailor their offerings to meet the demands of their market more effectively. Unisound’s customer insights break down customer demographics to reveal what they like and what sells best, and AI Sales Optimization helps customers find what they need within seconds, rather than scrolling through a sample library for hours.

Unisound’s Smart Search allows artists and producers to simply describe the sound they are looking for. The AI-powered search engine then finds the perfect match with its detailed metadata algorithm, similarity success rates, and playlist integrations. This eliminates the need for sample libraries to run expensive and often ineffective marketing campaigns.

These discovery and social features, as well as the intuitive sales analytics and insights Unisound offers, have won over individual sample creators as well as several independent labels and sample libraries like Soundmorph, Ghost Samples, and The Sample Stop.

Co-founder Gregorio Torres began his creator journey at just 12 years old when he started producing music. Now an accomplished producer, engineer and songwriter, Gregorio has been credited by renowned artists such as Kanye West, 808 Mafia, and Timbaland, as well as for Netflix originals like ‘Tick, Tick… BOOM!’. Throughout his decade of work in the music industry, he noticed a lot of creators shared the same struggles when it came to getting music into the right ears.

“Today, there is an endless supply of great sample libraries and talented producers creating sound packs, but the market is so crowded that both sellers and buyers struggle to find each other. It’s a very tangled market; they just need someone to untangle it for them and help them reach their goals,” says Torres. “Using our advanced sales analytics and insights, Unisound can help sample libraries reach the right creators who are looking for the exact sounds they offer.”

Gregorio began building Unisound as the final project for his entrepreneurship program at Berklee College of Music. Before long, he called on co-founder Andres Ginebra, his old friend and robotics team co-captain from high school. Andres, who studied Data Science at Georgia Tech, brought deep AI expertise, which he had gained from his time as AI Engineer at Procter and Gamble, to Unisound that–combined with Gregorio’s first-hand understanding of the creator experience–resulted in a collaborative space that allows artists to focus on making music without the stress of marketing their work.

More than just a repository or traditional simple sample library, Unisound is an active community. By enabling users to message, post, share, and use playlists, Unisound focuses on building a collaborative collective around music creation.

“Most music creators hate managing their marketing, sales, legal, or pretty much anything that isn’t creating music. Unisound completely takes care of everything and leaves our customers with more time and energy to stay in their creative flows,” says Unisound Co-Founder Andres Ginebra. “We hope to empower the entire community of music creators by making it extremely easy for anyone to monetize their talent.”

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