XOXO, Breezo: Navigating the Musical Journey with Passion and Authenticity

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Have you ever stumbled into something unexpectedly and found your true calling? Well, that’s precisely what happened to rising artist XOXO, Breezo. In a recent interview, he shared his journey into the world of music, his latest releases, and his vision for the future.

Breezo’s musical journey began quite accidentally when a friend asked him to hit a note on a whim. Despite not having any prior musical aspirations, hearing himself on the mic sparked a newfound interest. “Once I heard myself, I knew I wanted to try it out,” he admitted. What keeps him on this path? It’s the hard work, dedication, and inspiration drawn from his supportive family.

Speaking of recent projects, Breezo proudly announced the release of his latest single, “Groupie Hoes,” featuring Ochozzz. The track is now available on all platforms, accompanied by a music video on YouTube that’s definitely worth checking out. And that’s not all – he teased more singles in the pipeline until his EP, “Plaques or Death,” hits the airwaves.

When asked about his vision for the future, Breezo likened it to a rollercoaster. Acknowledging the ups and downs he’s faced, he now envisions only an upward trajectory. The key to making his dreams a reality? “Putting in the work and never complaining about it,” he affirmed.

Breezo’s musical influences reveal a mix of legendary figures who have left an indelible mark on the industry. From Michael Jackson and Kanye West to 50 Cent, Lil Wayne, and Drake, these OGs have played a pivotal role in shaping his style. What’s the takeaway? Versatility. Inspired by artists with diverse styles, Breezo has embraced authenticity and staying true to himself, echoing the teachings of his musical idols.

In a world where authenticity and hard work often pave the way for success, XOXO, Breezo is navigating his musical journey with determination, resilience, and a commitment to being true to himself. As he continues to ride the rollercoaster of the music industry, there’s no doubt that his passion and dedication will propel him to greater heights. Keep an eye out for more from this promising artist as he turns dreams into reality, one note at a time.

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