XP ROVXE – The Big Discovery of The Rookie That Will Heat up The K-HipHop Scene

image2-1 XP ROVXE - The Big Discovery of The Rookie That Will Heat up The K-HipHop Scene

We’ve found a hidden gem in South Korea’s talented K-HipHop scene: XP ROVXE, an all-round entertainer who can create music and content on his own, from video director to beatmaker to creative director. XP ROVXE, along with his crew, will release “7877 Days” on January 25, focusing on a new wave in the hip-hop scene. We sat down with ROVXE to talk about what’s next for him in the genre of K-HipHop.

XP ROVXE, how are you defining your music identity? 

I constantly listen to and study music, with huge sincerity. 

Discovering new aspects of my identity with every moment, led to the creation of the current XP ROVXE. I plan to continue shaping the future XP ROVXE in this way. 

What is your thought on differentiating the K-HipHop genres from your own? 

I feel that it’s very charming.

I also feel bored with copy-paste-ish music, similar moods, similar visual content, etc even being in this genre myself. To be able to bring something new as a keyword is something I hope for. 

In XP ROVXE’s mind what is the difference between K-HipHop and just HipHop?

The whole sound and the song structure itself are the differences. 

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Usually from YE (KANYE WEST) or DPR, and from the artists I favor. I also love movies and fashion brands so I get lots of inspiration from their content as well. I can’t forget about getting inspired in my everyday life. 

Could you explain how these inspirations are included in your music?

If you go to my ‘XP’ YouTube channel, you can listen to my song ‘God’s Mistake’. I got my musical inspiration from YE and Mike Dean and my visual inspiration from DPR and Marvel. 

Do you have similar inspiration points with the crew you work with, and if so, what makes them different?

We use the keyword ‘rizz’ a lot instead of the word inspiration, and I think the points where we get ‘rizzed’ are generally similar. We all have different tastes and personalities, so there are different insights to be found within that.

image1-1 XP ROVXE - The Big Discovery of The Rookie That Will Heat up The K-HipHop Scene

image1-1 XP ROVXE - The Big Discovery of The Rookie That Will Heat up The K-HipHop Scene

Any important message you would like to say as a HipHop artist? 

‘Always believe in yourself and take action’.

I always question myself when doubting something that I do, ‘Is this right?’, ‘How do I feel about this?’. I try to find a result from this and of course, making errors as well. But learn from that error and improve from it. Instead of relying on someone, trust your gut, enjoy the good outcomes, and learn from the bad outcomes to move forward and improve along the way. 

How do you see the evolution of the K-HipHop genre?

People say that the genre is dying, but as someone who loves hip-hop, I really hope it gets bigger. To make this happen I think that lots of artists should step up to bring their own character and color into their songs. I hope these movements happen so the genre gets much bigger. Oh, and one more, as much as I love hip-hop, I wish to branch out in promoting my name in the K-Pop and Pop genre as well. 

Lastly, Could you tell us about your song “7877 Days?”

“7877 Days” marks the official footsteps of XP and XP ROVXE. This track holds my ambitions and my values so hope you enjoy the song. There might be some difference compared to the music you’ve known so far. 

Also, on our YouTube channel ‘XP’ there is a pre-release single music video; ‘God’s Mistake’. This holds our color and vision very well so hope you can enjoy that as well. 

Our interview with XP ROVXE gave us insight into the new potential he sees for hip-hop. The way he treats music is more than just entertainment, it’s a powerful means of expressing social messages and cultural diversity. This unique approach and versatility in music and content creation is making the K-HipHop scene even more diverse. We look forward to the musical growth and creative challenges he will show in the future.

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