Xsoundbeatz: The Prolific Maestro Shaping Albanian Music Scene in North Macedonia

WhatsApp-Image-2023-12-27-at-3.59.04-PM-394x500 Xsoundbeatz: The Prolific Maestro Shaping Albanian Music Scene in North Macedonia

In the realm of music production, the role of a producer transcends mere technical prowess; it encapsulates the ability to weave the essence of an artist’s vision into a melodious tapestry. Mentor Zenula, better known as Xsoundbeatz, embodies this craft, having etched his name into the fabric of Albanian music within a remarkably short span. In an exclusive dialogue with HipHopSince1987, this North Macedonian luminary shed light on his journey, insights, and ongoing collaborations.

Xsoundbeatz embarked on his musical odyssey in 2017, marking his debut in 2019 with unwavering dedication. His meteoric rise to becoming the most sought-after producer was a testament to relentless commitment and passion. “It was time to become the most wanted producer,” he reminisces, a testament to his unwavering focus on musical excellence.

Amidst numerous successful projects, navigating artists’ aspirations and preferences might seem challenging. Yet, for Xsoundbeatz, it’s about understanding the universal language of music and upholding unwavering professionalism. “It is not difficult to work with artists when you understand the language of music and when the professionalism is at the right level,” he asserts, underscoring the harmony he cultivates in every collaboration under ‘Xsoundbeatz Music.’

Currently aligning his talents with acclaimed pop artists like Cansever, Meda, Florian Beqiri, Mateus Frroku, Xonn, and more, Xsoundbeatz’s repertoire stands testament to his versatility and ability to navigate diverse musical landscapes. These partnerships, some prominently featured on social platforms, symbolize his adeptness in crafting chart-topping hits.

What lies on the horizon for Xsoundbeatz? “During this time, there will be many songs, of which I hope there will be many mega-hits,” he shares, hinting at a musical extravaganza in the offing. The future holds a promise of musical brilliance, as Xsoundbeatz continues to script his legacy, one harmonious note at a time.

In the realms of Albanian music within North Macedonia, Xsoundbeatz emerges as more than just a producer; he embodies the symphony that orchestrates the rhythmic heartbeat of an evolving musical landscape. With each melody, he etches an indelible mark, solidifying his stature as an indispensable maestro in the vibrant tapestry of Albanian music.

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