Yourownmusic presents the top indie artists of 2023

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Allen Witcher

known in the entertainment industry as Leo (Leo the Rapper); a name inspired by the legendary Leonardo Da Vinci, which reflects his remarkable versatility in the world of art. Leo is undoubtedly one of the most promising Artist/Director combinations emerging from Kentucky, a state with a rich artistic heritage that includes luminaries like Jack Harlow, Bryson Tiller, Marzz, and Vory. If Kendrick Lamar had a camera, or Cole Bennett had a microphone, you’d get Leo. He has worked on major film projects, with acclaimed actors such as Mel Gibson and Garrett Hedlund in “Desperation Road” and Aaron Eckhart in “Muzzle”, additionally serving as the Director of Photography in documentaries like “Return to the Runway.” All the while, Leo is consistently releasing music videos and music – it’s a mystery how he manages it all, but it’s a testament to his dedication and talent. He’s undoubtedly an artist to pay attention to.

You can explore Leo the Rapper’s music and music video catalog across all platforms, starting with “Call You When I Can” standing out as a particular gem vocally and storytelling wise. His track like “Goku” showcases his knack for delivering boom bap beats and lyrical depth, reminiscent of the 90s golden era of hip-hop. And his project 90’s Baby is full of gold. A favorite is “Heart Beat” if you’re looking for a good story then “I made a bag today” is so deep and intricate down to the sound design and metaphor of the meaning of it all. Listen to Songs on Spotify.


shows us he has more than enough skill to become one of the best to touch a microphone. From Fort Wayne, Indiana partnering up with his producer Makwolf he is proving the TRUTH is what the people want. After the release of his first project in 2014, The Hunger & Thirst 2 he has taken off since! He has currently dropped his latest project, The Start of Something Good. Follow TRICITO as he shows us how to be PLAYAA! Listen to songs on Spotify.


an Indianapolis, Indiana based enthusiastic and inspirational music artist. RAWNIFICENT an all around artist rapper/singer-songwriter/ producer. He also runs his own record company “READY AND WILLIN MUSIC GROUP” As an artist RAWNIFICENT has a unique style being very aggressive, edgy & original with numerous types of deliveries which makes him different from any other rap or music artist. With 25 plus years perfecting his artistry RAWNIFICENT has always been a trendsetter and inspiration to his peers & the next generation. Being a music artist, his dream is to inspire and encourage others to use their gift and talents to make a living. RAWNIFICENT is Ready And Willin to show his talent to the world. He is all set to take off and fly the heights of success and fame.


(Derek Price Chaney), and Top-Dolla (Trevor Zachery Smith) Grouped together and started there hip hop music Duo the “Raw Royalty “. Coming out of Seattle WA grouped together in Fayetteville, NC . Recorded their first Single “Real Talk” inspirations from some of our favorite artists: Dizzy Wright, Tech N9ne, Futuristic, Rittz, Logic King Iso, Twisted Insane and Mac-Dre,Lab Ratz have shared the stage with Rittz, Dj Clay, Boondox blaze your dead homie Andre Nickatina Stevie stone JL B hood and many more. Lab Ratz has been known for their diversity in lyrics and speed. With the ability to “chop” and Harmonize lyrics, Lab Ratz offers a unique style of flow and delivery. Currently working on the their first Album Masked Emotions and have already dropped their first video single to the Album masked emotions and newest video Nobody.

Rico blox

Hailing from the city of Laval , a suburb just off the island of Montreal, Quebec. Rico Blox is a veteran Mc who’s passion for wordplay and love for music is only outweighed by his love of hiphop culture. A staple of his local scene , Rico Blox is known for his elite penmanship and songwriting abilities. His blend of raw lyricism and melodic hooks are the perfect combination of classic and modern hiphop. If you’re a fan of Joe Budden, Eminem, Method man , Redman , Royce da 59 and artists of that cloth , then Rico Blox would make a great addition to your favorite playlist. Listen to Songs on Spotify.


In the heart of the Southwest, a rising star is on the horizon, and his name is Dremon. Hailing from Albuquerque, New Mexico, Dremon is making waves in the music industry with his unique style and dedication to crafting memorable tunes. With music produced by Bangladesh, Fontainn of Podium Muzik, Major 88 Keys, Rah Dolla, Johnny Gusto, Dj Sherry and counting Dremon can fit into any playlist without feeling out of place. The versatility of his music solidifies his position Shiftin in the industry. His new single #Shiftin Produced by Fontainn (Podium Muzik) has already gaining momentum breaking radio, 2k24 editorial placement , NMS and streams on Spotify.

Reggie Charles

born in the vibrant city of Montreal, is a dynamic hip hop artist known for his razor-sharp wordplay and captivating lyricism. With a knack for clever punchlines, and a unique way of delivering them to his listeners, Reggie can undoubtedly establish himself as a predominant force in today’s worldwide music scene.–anama


Chicago rapper CantBuyDeem, born Glenn Beamon Jr., emerged from the challenging environment of Englewood on Chicago’s south side. Despite the adversities, he engaged in both typical childhood activities and sought entrepreneurial opportunities to earn money. Amidst the prevalent violence and drug issues in his neighborhood, Deem remains devoted to Chicago, aiming to shift the narrative that “money can buy you everything”. or


23 years old, an independent and talented singer, songwriter on the rise. Her music can be found on all music platforms. A very soulful singer/songwriter from Clovis, Ca. She has been acting, singing and performing in Broadway shows since the age of 5. She works hard at her craft, even as a child. She grew up doing cover music on local TV shows which gave her the largest platform for her music career to blossom then moved to performing live at venues. She has had alot of people to date help develop Kinzie Rose to get where she is now. She has a solid music team headed up by the highly skilled Raul Lomeli as her engineer as well as her fellow artists of Maw Management, and of course her manager Carl Johnson. She had her first single at the age of 14 and an a full EP at age 16 and has toured all of Ca & NV till she was 18.  Kinzie Rose is now ready to peruse her dreams in this music business and make her lasting mark as a singer/songwriter along side her music idols Adel and Sam Smith. She is pushing to sign soon. She just wants to continue to make and keep making iconic music that will positively impact the world.

Prodi Reign

Artist/Producer/Audio Engineer who began expanding his career at a very young age. Prodi Reign is a multi talented self proclaimed visionary who has made his presence evident by setting a major quality standard with self produced & engineered music alongside visuals that are unmatched in creativity. All the while charting #9 on the Global Digital Radio Charts and running his own recording studio Prodigious Recordings, visionary work ethic becomes evident. Prodi Reign is definitely pushing boundaries as an artist, delivering a bouncy rap style alongside deeper messages as well as elements of rock/pop-punk. With his new single “Moonwalk” breaking Sirius XM Shade 45 & his upcoming EP Blank Stare about to hit airwaves this rapper/rockstar believes he fosters a unique gift fit to be musically a leader of the new generation.

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Tha Seekah

Colorado’s Tha Seekah, a bilingual pioneer blending English and Spanish, infuses love and heartbreak into a genre-blending sound, inspiring change with his hit “Control.” #MusicInnovation

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H da boss

Philadelphia pa based artist h da boss is one too watch for the future, this underground artist is setting pace for 2024 and is definitely one to watch for the future. Check out his latest release on iTunes now. Yom ceo Jake shaw tips big things for this artist. Listen to Apple Music.


Nay hip-hop artist and songwriter from Virginia Beach, Virginia. As an independent artist he has amassed a devoted following, garnering him hundreds of thousands of streams worldwide. Bringing a unique style to the hip-hop scene, Nay Nay has been known to create entertaining and innovative material by mixing many different genres into his work. He has developed a fan-base by frequently performing at several different venues in his hometown; along with opening for major acts including: 50 Cent, Trey Songz, Diplo, Travis Scott, Pusha T, Dizzy Wright, Lil Dicky, Timbaland, Ma$e, Jidenna, and Daya. Nay Nay’s success as an artist will continue to grow through his love of music, dedication to his craft, constant interaction with his fans, and drive to stay authentic.


Since their formation in 2014, California-based duo PRXZM has been captivating audiences worldwide with their unique blend of ’80s-infused electronic music. Emma and Nick’s mesmerizing live performances and dream-like synths have continuously evolved throughout their four EPs Come Alive, High Desert, Let Me Fall, and Faultlines. Now, PRXZM has released “Too Much to Lose”, the first single off their next project. Listen to Songs on Spotify.

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