Yung Xavi and UnoTime: ‘Wavy Anthem’ Single Release Sparks a Visual Celebration

img3 Yung Xavi and UnoTime: 'Wavy Anthem' Single Release Sparks a Visual Celebration

Dropping a little before the New Year on December 15th, Yung Xavi and UnoTime released the high-energy single “Wavy Anthem,” setting the stage for a vibrant celebration of confidence and positivity. Now, amplifying the infectious energy, the dynamic duo presents the visual extravaganza, unleashed on December 22nd.

Against the backdrop of sun-kissed beaches and a luxurious mansion party, the immersive experience mirrors the synergy of Yung Xavi and UnoTime, creating a visual journey that encapsulates the essence of “Wavy Anthem.” Fans are invited to ride the wave of confidence and positive energy showcased in this dynamic release. Watch the visual and listen to the single now available on all streaming platforms!

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