ZAMBRANA is Making Waves in the Music Industry

Screenshot_20240228_105728_Facebook-249x500 ZAMBRANA is Making Waves in the Music Industry

Once in a while, an artist comes along whose music takes the listener from the realm of the familiar into a territory of infinite possibilities and new dimensions. In the world of Music ZAMBRANA will be a name to remember…

ZAMBRANA has been featured in countless publications most notably Independent Artist Magazine and The XXL Magazine as an Artist to Watch!👀 The 6’4″ 365 lb rapper from Columbia, South Carolina has been around for a while, stomping up and down the whole East Coast.

After dropping his dual Album debut ” All Eyes On Z” & “Undeniable” a few years ago, he is back and let the Weak Rappers Beware. Heavily influenced by Big Pun and Fat Joe, ZAMBRANA is ready to continue the Legacy of Puerto Ricans 🇵🇷 in HIP-HOP.
Recently dropping his Hot New Singles “Ain’t No Money To Me ft. Gucci Mane”, “Please”, & “And You ft. Jadakiss” his new album slated to drop later this year entitled “Fat Boys Do It Better” Book 1 Crown Untouched & Book 2 Ego Crusher is sure to send shockwaves through the music industry.

Having done shows with T.I, 2 Chains, Gucci Mane, & Rick Ross just to name a few…

ZAMBRANA has been making his mark on the music industry for years and is ready for the world to hear what he is bringing to HIP-HOP and the Music Industry as a whole!

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