‘Zepotha’: Tiktok Horror Film To Start Production in 2024 Starring EDM DJ Freya Fox

A few weeks ago, most would’ve scoffed at the mention of the horror film Zepotha. The movie, which was long believed to be a myth, became an overnight sensation when musician Emily Jeffri released a viral TikTok diving into its lore. It seemed like just another fun and fleeting internet conspiracy – until now. The seemingly fictional horror tale has taken a dramatic turn.

In an unprecedented twist, not long after Emily Jeffri’s TikTok took the internet by storm, news has emerged that Zepotha, despite being a fake movie that never existed, is now in pre-production stages. According to sources verified by Hiphopsince1987, an undisclosed movie studio has, reportedly, accepted a pitch for the film, making it one of the first instances of internet folklore transitioning to mainstream cinema in such a direct manner in record time.

Jeffri’s hugely viral original post featured a snippet from her own song “DO YOU REMEMBER ME,” which people really love.

While many details remain closely guarded, early rumblings from industry insiders suggest an impressive lineup is being considered for the ensemble cast. Among the names floating around, the only confirmed pitched cast member is EDM DJ and complextro producer Freya Fox, known for her electrifying sets and collaborations with esteemed personalities like Joel Kim Booster at (Life is Beautiful), Haliene, SAYMYNAME, and more. Fresh off her stint on the reality show ‘Bling Empire’, Freya’s inclusion adds an unexpected yet exciting layer to the project.

It is unclear whether Emily Jeffri will make a cameo in the movie, but her music will be featured in the film. Rumors have also surfaced that potential other casts members might include youtuber Markiplier, NPC star Pinkydoll, Mae Claire (Catwomen Retribution), and Blackpink’s ROSÉ Park.

The original Zepotha plot, which the studio says centers around the ancient curse and the haunting spirit of the vengeful witch, provides fertile ground for reinterpretation. While the narrative that has been circulating online dives deep into the mystery, it will be interesting to see how the final cinematic version unfolds, especially with contemporary elements and fresh faces like Fox in the mix. 

The movie studio will actively monitor fan suggested folklore and make their announcement public in late 2023. Production is anticipated to start in 2024.

The “1987 remake” of Zepotha, as it stands, presents a unique fusion of modern digital culture with the timeless appeal of classic horror. While it’s too early to predict its success, the buzz is undeniable. Both die-hard fans from the online community and casual moviegoers will be waiting with bated breath to see how this internet myth transforms on the big screen

In a world where the line between fiction and reality is increasingly blurred, the story of Zepotha’s rise is a testament to the power of online communities, viral content, and the age-old allure of a gripping horror tale. It’s a brave new world for cinema, and we’re here for the ride.

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