50 Cent Targets Young Buck & Benzino With Transphobic Posts Following Bankruptcy Allegations

50 Cent is back to his old ways, clowning Young Buck for his alleged past relationship with a trans woman and letting his homophobia fly. Less than 24 hours after Buck blamed the G-Unit leader for forcing him into bankruptcy, the television executive has set his targets on Buck and former Source publisher Benzino.

“Young Buck, Benzino just embrace who you are but don’t pat nobody butt when they score a basket fool,” he wrote. “LOL Hahaha, Nah. FOR REAL! PUNK!”

The caption is accompanied by an old video which includes a recording of Benzino talking about his sexual preferences and calling himself a “alpha male,” although Buck has nothing to do with the clip.

“I love porn,” Benzino says. “I don’t watch trans porn. I don’t watch trans porn, but that’s just me.”

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In another Instagram post, 50 Cent shares more audio from the Benzino commentary alongside a video of a trans woman.

“You don’t fucking look bad, I do,” Benzino begins. “You can never look bad. In this world, you ain’t doing nothing wrong. It would be wrong if I did. Can’t you get that through your head? You’re not looking bad Shawna. You’re looking like a fucking chick. hey it’s just a chick trying to fuck with a n-gga. I’m looking wrong ’cause what the fuck are you trying to do fuck with a transgender?”

50 Cent adds in the caption, “LOL OH MY GOD, THIS GUY IS CRAZY @iambenzino.”

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The catalyst for 50 Cent’s latest Instagram jabs appears to be the interview Young Buck just did with It’s Tricky with Raquel Harper podcast in which he placed the blame on 50 Cent for his financial woes.

“Once he stopped me from being able to make money, I filed another bankruptcy,” Buck said. “They stopped him from being able to cease-and-desist in regards to me being able to, you know.

“I included what he claimed that I owed him in the bankruptcy to be able to say, ‘Well hey, if you’re owed this and present whatever receipts or whatever… You will be paid type of situation.’ But that was the only way I was able to go forward with working, so.”

Of course, this is just the latest chapter in the ongoing saga between 50 Cent and his former G-Unit member and undoubtedly not the last.