American Airlines Calls Cap On Iggy Azalea's Twitter Beef Over Missed Flight

Los Angeles, CA – Iggy Azalea attempted to board a flight with her child on Easter weekend but wound up stranded at the Los Angeles International Airport, prompting her to go off on a series of tweets aimed at the airline for not only selling her and her child’s seats but also taking off with their luggage still on the plane.

While American Airlines reached out to Azalea in an attempt to clarify the matter, the reason Azalea was reportedly left at LAX wasn’t due to the airline but rather her being late to the airport.

According to TMZ, Azalea arrived at the airport at 5:30 p.m. PST for a 6 p.m. PST departure, but someone in her party was held up by TSA agents. As is tradition with most airlines, boarding of a plane ends 15 minutes before departure, meaning Azalea and her party only had 15 minutes to check her bags, go through TSA and make it to the gate. By the time Azalea and company reached the gate, the door was closed.

However, the airport’s story differs from Azalea’s who said the gate was still open for her to board in her tweets.

“I wanted to tell any families booking travel be careful flying with young kids on @AmericanAir,” she wrote on April 18. “I was flying with my son & they sold our seats while the gate was still open then refused to take our bags off the plane although every other flight was sold out for that night.”

She would later warn other moms not to fly American Airlines as Twitter users began sharing similar stories they had regarding travel with children. According to the airline, the luggage was returned to Azalea’s home after a few days but not before she said she booked a different flight on a different airline in order to accommodate her.