Cardi B Switched Up Beyoncé's 'Break My Soul' Lyrics During Instagram Live: 'Now I'm Embarassed'

Whenever Cardi B hops on Instagram Live, fans expect a viral moment to go down, given her history on the popular social media app. Her latest live stream was no different, as she got on to talk to fans while sipping on a few drinks and gave fans another memorable moment.

On Thursday (July 14), over 55,000 fans tuned in to Cardi B’s live stream, where she was having a pretty chill night at home and started singing a different version of Beyoncé’s “Break My Soul.” Cardi’s rendition was way raunchier than the original, as the rapper sang about her sexual desires.

“I’m fucking with no protection/for a warm sensation/Something penetration/No masturbation yea hold up/You won’t break my hole/No, you won’t break my hole,” Cardi said during the live stream.

The remix was a funny moment for fans, but it soon turned nerve-racking for Cardi when she found out Beyoncé was listening to her IG Live. The leader of the Bardi gang took to her Twitter Friday morning (July 15) to let fans know how awkward she felt.

“Beyonce Hurd me singing you won’t break my hole and now I’m embarrassed,” Cardi tweeted.

There’s no word if Beyoncé felt a way about Cardi’s overly sexual rendition of “Break My Soul,” but the Bronx rapper probably has nothing to worry about, given the singer had included her in her first ever TikTok video earlier this week.

Queen Bey shared a compilation of fans dancing and voguing to her latest single, and the minute-long montage included a cameo from Cardi B singing along to the lyrics “in case you forgot how we act outside!”