Customers Sue NYC Restaurant For Allegedly Finding Dead Rat In Soup

A couple is suing Gammeeo, popular Koreatown restaurant in New York City, after allegedly finding a dead rat floating in soup they ordered over the weekend.

According to the lawsuit, obtained by TMZ, Eunice Lucero Lee and her husband Jason Lee claimed they ordered food from Gammeeok on Saturday (March 11) afternoon and when they got the meal delivered to their home, they discovered the rat in their bowl of soap as they were eating. The couple said they were disgusted and violently sick causing them to vomit and seek medical attention. In the lawsuit, they also claimed that the restaurant had gotten a “C” rating from the NYC Health Department in January for their Manhattan location but didn’t know about it when they placed their order.

Eunice Lucero-Lee posted a series of photos and videos of what appears to be a dead black rat floating in the soup she said she and her husband had delivered Saturday from Gammeeok in Manhattan.

“After seeking legal counsel, my husband and I now feel free to share something that happened to us over the weekend,” Lucero-Lee wrote in an Instagram accompanied by series of photos and videos of the incident yesterday (March 16).  “We ordered in from a well-known restaurant called Gammeeok in K-Town and found the most disgusting thing in our food.”

She continued: “We have been going to this restaurant for a decade and are otherwise proud supporters of Asian cuisine and culture. This incident is in no way to fuel race-based hate or prejudice, and I will have an issue with anyone who uses these posts to fit that narrative.” Lucero-Lee also added that they are sharing their claims to “spread awareness and hopefully make sure the right people are held accountable.”

Gammeeok also took to their Instagram page to address the lawsuit by releasing surveillance video they believe proves there’s no way the rat could’ve made it in the soup. “When we transferred the soup, we served it four times with a ladle while the staff watched it with their eyes. If there was a mouse that big, there’s no way I wouldn’t have missed it. There is also a video recording of the recording process. We checked the whole process of making the soup, but we couldn’t find any problems.”

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