DaBaby Claims Alleged Video Shoot Assault Victim Lied To LAPD

DaBaby is firing back at reports of yet another violent incident he was allegedly involved in. After he was charged with felony assault for punching a man during a music video shoot in December 2020, he took to Twitter and promptly disputed the charge while sharing a TikTok video of the incident to defend himself.

“Y’all keep beliving these type of people & helping em assassinate my character,” he wrote on Saturday (April 30). “Y’all might as well get a rope & help him hang my black ass on a tree.”

In the video, DaBaby calls out Gary Pagar, the man who initially sued him over the assault, and accused him of using the N-word and referring to the people on the property as “fucking assholes” and “scumbags.” DaBaby also alleges Pagar spat in his face and lied to TMZ and the Los Angeles Police Department about what happened.

The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office charged DaBaby with felony assault over the incident after he and a member of his crew allegedly sucker-punched Pagar and knocked out his tooth. Pagar says he visited the property and discovered there were upwards of 40 people on the premises, a violation of a rental agreement where he and DaBaby’s management team agreed there wouldn’t be more than 12 people on the premises at any given time. Pagar, who specializes in real estate investment and property management in the Los Angeles area, has since locked his Instagram account after the incident took place.

The incident with Pagar is the latest in a string of violent encounters DaBaby has had in recent years. On April 24, Rolling Stone released a video of the fatal 2018 Walmart shooting involving DaBaby, which he claimed was self-defense. Two days prior to the video’s release, another clip surfaced of him fighting his own artist Wisdom backstage at a concert in South Carolina.