Fabolous Reminded Of Emily B Assault After He Tweets About Will Smith Oscars Debacle

As the buzz surrounding Will Smith’s smack heard around the world begins to wane, the internet has already been flooded with memes, jokes and reactions involving the unforgettable Oscars incident. Hip Hop artists such as 50 Cent, Snoop Dogg, The Game and Royce Da 5’9 were among the many joking around about it.

And while many laughed along, Fabolous didn’t get the same response to his Oscars commentary. On Sunday (March 27), shortly after the altercation took place, Fab tweeted, “Chris Rock is a real professional cuz ain’t no way … ain’t no way,” a nod to the restraint the comedian showed when Smith slapped him on live television.

He also tweeted a quote from Will Smith that he included in his acceptance speech, writing, “Love you make you do crazy things. – Will Smith.”

But people were quick to remind Fabolous of the 2018 assault on Emily B, his longtime partner and mother of his children. Fabolous was arrested in March of that year after he reportedly knocked her two teeth out. A grand jury indicted him on one count of domestic violence with significant bodily injury, one count of possession of a weapon and two counts of threatening to kill.

Fabolous reportedly “become enraged” when he found out via Instagram Emily B was in Los Angeles at the same time he was. She told authorities she received a text message from Fab saying he wanted to hit her in the head with a baseball bat and had considered killing her, but he “did not want to go out like that.”

Video of Fab threatening Emily B and her father while brandishing scissors surfaced soon after the incident and found Fabolous telling Emily B’s father he “has a bullet” with his name on it.

In February 2019, Fabolous was planning to accept a plea deal in the domestic assault case. Fab appeared in Bergen Superior Court with his attorney Brian Neary who asked prosecutors for more time to finalize the details, but Fab was able to avoid jail time by completing violence prevention workshops for at least six months. As part of the deal, Fab pleaded guilty to either one count of felony brandishing of a weapon or threatening domestic violence.

Nobody would let Fabolous forget about the harrowing situation with his now-wife. Check out some of the reactions below.