Fat Joe Details Private Convo With Kanye West After Recent Controversy

Fat Joe has shared details about a private conversation he had with Kanye West shortly after the Yeezy mogul landed himself in hot water with his antisemitic beliefs.

Joe stopped by Jada Pinkett-Smith’s Red Table Talk, where he said Ye stopped by his hotel room shortly before he was scheduled to come on the show.

“I’ll tell y’all something. I was up a whole night going over what he said, and I was just like, ‘Damn. Man, he really did it this time,’” Joe said of Ye’s comments. “And so I was just thinking about it and how he hurt people with his statements and his comments. He really said some terrible things. And this morning, on the way here, I came out my hotel. The door opened, and it was Kanye West by himself.”

The pair spoke for about an hour, and Joe said he pleaded with the creative polymath to stop making such harmful comments.

“I said, ‘You know what, Ye, man? You do church. There’s no more powerful person than God. Sit down, talk to God,’” he said. “I said, ‘Listen, Ye, there’s people that love you.’ I told him just like this. I grabbed his shoulder. I said, ‘Well, God is telling me to tell you this,’ and I just told him, ‘Bro, you gotta snap out of this, man. You gotta get focused and look to God ’cause God is the answer. God is the key. Whatever you gotta do.’”

He continued: “He just gotta make it right with himself, make it right with everybody he offended and he hurt and just live whatever life we have left in peace. That’s all we can pray for, that he finds that, and the only person who got that answer for Kanye right now is God.

“Ain’t nobody else. It’s just God. So my thing is, you preaching at church, you around holy people, you around people who know way better than me. What I’m telling you is, look to God. ‘Cause he’s the only person that can straighten this out.”

Fat Joe’s conversation comes as Ye has continued to make disparaging comments about Jewish people, George Floyd, and white supremacy on Fox NewsDrink Champs and other outlets.

Adidas, Balenciaga, Chase Bank and even Def Jam have all since cut ties with the Chicago star, and even Goodwill said it will no longer be accepting any of Ye’s products.

Elsewhere in his sitdown with Red Table Talk, Joe reflected on his own controversy he was involved in earlier this year when he came to Ashanti’s defense after Irv Gotti made disparaging comments about their alleged sexual relationship on Drink Champs.

“But listen, this guy who’s a friend of mine, he said, ‘Yo, you [censored] Ashanti?’ Now, I’m sitting here, like, flabbergasted,” Joe said. “Like, this was, like, you know, blasphemy or some shit. Right, ’cause she’s been my sister 20 something years.”

He added: “And Irv, my brother, I’m not even gon’ lie to you. I love him. He came for me at a time in my life I’m not trying to disrespect Irv. I’m talking about the situation with somebody I considered one of my brothers who’s like, ‘Yo, you [bleep]?’ I was like, ‘Are you crazy? Like, that’s my sister.’”