Fendi P Says Curren$y Chops Cars Up Nearly As Fast As He Comes Up With Raps

New Orleans, LA – On the cover artwork to his new Cornerboy vs Fendi album, Jet Life rapper Fendi P masterfully displays the difference between his two rap pseudonyms.

The essence of the “Rich ratchet” lifestyle he lives as both Corner Boy and Fendi P is brought to life in the optical illusion photo illustration as he poses in front of his candy red Porshe Carerra in a head-to-toe Fendi fit, while simultaneously posting up on the hood of a clean 86′ Buick Regal G-Body in a dickie suit paired with Timbs.

As if both whips donning personalized license plates emblazoned with Jet Life branding and mantras wasn’t enough of an explanation, Fendi P told HipHopDX the inspiration for the cover art and subsequent 13-track project, which includes features from Curren$y, Smoke DZA, Starlito and more, lies in his day-to-day life.

“For us, it’s more of just doing what you want to do,” Fendi P said. “Like, lifestyle rap. We rap about this shit. Like, we was doing it then we started rapping about it. Then we started filming it and it’s natural. Like, you know, some people gotta do a plot. They gotta call somebody to rent this truck. They gotta get you, they gotta get the lights, they gotta get this location. I just pull up, you know what I’m saying? Fresh out the trap. Just doing what I’m doing. Like this is a lifestyle. It is easy. So for us to put it on the camera for y’all to see it, shit, that’s just having somebody around to document it. This is every day. Like any given day, you gonna see it.”

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During his conversation with DX, Fendi P spoke in depth about the commitment he made to his lifestyle as a rapper and car collector and revealed how his journey within both realms of the music and automotive world collided when he crossed paths with Curren$y in the early 2000s while the New Orleans-bred lyricist was in the midst of his tenure with Master P’s No Limit Records.

“Me and Spitta [Curren$y], when we met, we wasn’t in a financial state to be buying shit,” Fendi P recalled. “Like when I met Spitta the first time it was a brief meeting. He was still on No Limit. We was in the jewelry store at the same time. I met him again, and he was managed by Mousa, and I had a car wash at the shop where they had the rim shop. I was just always around them. With me and Spitta, it was more like natural.”

Considering financial restraints are no longer of concern for the pair of Jet Life audio dope creators, these days they’re both perpetually working on new music and new car builds to match their fresh tunes.

On “One More Time,” Harlem MC Smoke DZA, Fendi P and Curren$y trade punchlines about their favorite past times, which include cruising their luxury cars and smoking exotic weed.

As Spitta raps, “Throw every ring on my finger/Every finger shines/57 hardtop/Ragtop 59/Parked outside my grandma house/I witnessed the second line,” it becomes clear that the differences he and Fendi P share as car guys are are also what unites them as longtime collaborators.

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“So as far as car wise, Spitta into it a little more different,” Fendi P said. “We into cars, but he into the cars, different. He wants a low rider, I like bass. So I’m a music head, you know what I’m saying? I’m gone want big rims. He needs the thirteens that hop, you know what I’m saying? So when we talk about, cars I like it. I be like, shit, ‘I like that car.’ Like when he get a car I be like, ‘Shit bitch, what you gonna do with that one?’ You know, I be like, ‘Bitch I know you gonna cut that one, you say you ain’t gonna cut it. You gonna cut it.’”

He continues, “Like, I’m more excited to see what he gonna do because this is his shit.” “This is what he do. Like, I want to see how you gonna do that muthafucka. If I ever was to do a low rider, I’m gonna have to come to him. Like, ‘Look, woo, woo.’ You know what I’m saying? Like when I did my Vette, I’m like, ‘Look, I see a Vette. They got the woo woo. They got this on it, woo woo.’ He like, ‘Yeah, that shit hard to get, woo. You get it, woo,’ I’m like, boom.”

While Fendi P admits he may rely on Curren$y’s taste when it comes to Chevrolet staples, such as the iconic American sports car, the Corvette, he still keeps certain flips, including his newly re-built 1970 Ford Ranger restorative mod, for himself.

“So certain shit I’m gonna go to him out because he dealt with it,” he said. “But something like this — this something I saw on the internet. So I’m like, ‘Shit, I got it. I could make it happen too’. So you know what I’m saying? We, we both like cars, but I would say our shit is a little bit different. How we ride.”

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Fendi P went on to explain how Curren$y brings the same level of creativity and tenacity in the studio as he uses to chop up cars, remarking on how extremely timely Spitta is when it comes to crafting his verses at any given moment’s notice.

“Spitta works fast,” he said. “Like, that nigga writes fast. It be to the point where I be like, ‘Fuck, I’m taking too long.’ But when we work, it’s no like, ‘All right, this is the beat. This is the topic.’ It’s just that, we in that bitch smoking, and we just end up on the same wave pattern. Like, shit just be effortless. Nigga don’t even be talking. You feel? We in the studio smoking, no talking. They like ‘You fuck with this beat?.’ Like, ‘Yeah, write to it.’ Next thing you know we in the booth.”

While “One More Time” marks Fendi P and Curren$y’s first collaboration of the year, the pair of NOLA natives have a long, dynamic history that was highlighted with their 2020 joint-effort Smokin’ Potnas project, which is home to their tactically heroic record “Strategize,” among others.

Stream Corner Boy Vs. Fendi below.