Gunna Makes Surprise Cameo In Latest Episode Of ‘Atlanta’

Gunna has made his acting debut on the latest episode of Atlanta, appearing in a speaking scene alongside Paper Boi, played by Brian Tyree Henry.

The scene, which aired Thursday night (September 29), finds the two rappers engaged in a game of Uno, which Gunna seems to be losing. As Paper Boi slams down a “wild” card, calling out the color yellow, the “Drip Too Hard” rapper accuses him of cheating.

“You know I ain’t got no more yellow cards,” he protests. After Alfred explains that was the reason for his color selection, he proceeds to throw down two “draw four” cards, at which Gunna taps out.

Moments later, Earn (played by Childish Gambino) arrives with he and Paper Boi’s Aunt Jeanie, who kicks everyone out of the studio.

The scene was filmed inside Studio 9000, the “A Room” at Atlanta’s renowned Patchwork Studios. A source tells HipHopDX taping took place around this time last year.

Meanwhile, Gunna’s legal team launched renewed efforts this week to secure the rapper’s release from the Fulton County Jail, where he has been detained under on strict prison conditions since his May arrest as part of the YSL RICO indictment.

According to Billboard, Gunna’s legal team, headed by famed attorney Steve Sadow, made a filing in Georgia on Monday (September 26) for a judge to release their client after claiming prosecutors have failed to “show a shred of evidence” that Gunna (real name Sergio Kitchens) would threaten and intimidate witnesses if he regained his freedom, which is the main reason cited for his bond being denied in previous attempts.

“Franz Kafka would be shocked to learn that ‘imprison him now; present the evidence sometime in the future’ appears to be the State’s reality in Fulton County,” Sadow said in court. “The prosecution has been afforded ample time to develop evidence to support its motion to detain Kitchens. It has not succeeded.”

If the Fulton County judge denies Sadow’s third attempt at bond, the WUNNA rapper will have to remain behind bars until his January 2023 trial begins.

Gunna is not the first Hip Hop artist to contribute to the final season of Atlanta, which kicked off on September 15. Writers recruited Earl Sweatshirt to assist in a cleverly coded MF DOOM tribute built into the season opener.

The episode found Paper Boi going on a scavenger hunt after discovering a clue in a song by local rapper Blue Blood, just days after learning of his death. After following the trail of hints left behind by the fictional rapper through an Atlanta adventure, Paper Boi finds himself at Blue Blood’s funeral.

Throughout the episode, Blue Blood’s music featured prominently. Pitchfork confirmed that the voice fans heard while watching the show is that of Earl Sweatshirt — himself an MF DOOM super fan.