JAY-Z Wants A ‘Jadakiss Interlude’ Remix: ‘That Record Is So Hard’

JAY-Z might have more bars for DJ Khaled on the way following his almost four-minute verse on “GOD DID.”

Hov took part in a Twitter Spaces on Wednesday (August 31) alongside Khaled, Roc Nation’s Lenny S and other music industry figures. During the conversation, Genius‘ Rob Markman asked JAY-Z if he had any other favorite songs off the GOD DID album, which prompted him to suggest a remix of the Jadakiss-helmed “JADAKISS INTERLUDE.”

“[Khaled] played me the Drake ‘NO SECRETS,’” Hov said. “I was like, ‘Man, that gotta open at that.’ It just set the right tone and vibe. And then that ‘BIG TIME’ joint, the pockets that Lil Baby was catching on that, like I don’t even know how many pockets, but he just kept switching.

“You know, obviously I mess with that [Lil] Durk record. 21 Savage is amazing. That [Jadakiss] record is so hard, Khaled had a whole vibe. He may wanna revisit that later, a remix.”

DJ Khaled replied: “I had a whole vibe and I feel like what we put on the album was so perfect that it inspired other vibes too.”

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It’s unclear if JAY-Z was referring to himself jumping on the song or suggesting a remix with other artists. Jadakiss recently collaborated with Hov on “King Kong Riddim” for the Harder We Fall soundtrack in October 2021, with previous collaborations including “Reservoir Dogs” and DMX‘s “Blackout.”

Engineer Young Guru recently revealed JAY-Z recorded his “GOD DID” verse in one take. During the same Twitter Spaces, Hov admitted he cheated a little while laying down his bars.

“So while we was waiting for you to send the beat, we was just playing the [loop] inside the control room; so I was going through it a couple times,” JAY-Z told Khaled. “I was just rapping over like, any part, it kept looping and drops was happening in the wrong place.”

“I think I sent it to you like that, right?” Khaled said to Jay, before addressing everyone else in the virtual room. “Hov rapped over the hook, breaks — ’cause Guru was waiting for me to send the instrumental,” he explained. “When you sent it back, I was like, ‘This man rapping over the hook.’”

JAY-Z went on: “So I cheated a couple times before I went in the booth, I was playing it in the control room; so when I went in the booth it was pretty much a done deal.”