JAY-Z's Nephew Gets Dragged For His Rap Skills

JAY-Z‘s nephew is trying his hand at rap, but it doesn’t seem like fans believe the musical gene is strong with him. On Saturday (June 4), Solange‘s 17-year-old son, Daniel Julez Smith, hopped on TikTok with a video of him testing out his mic skills.

The clip shows the teenager sitting in a studio with sunglasses on as a song he seemingly just recorded plays in the background. He namedrops Future, London and Greece while rapping over a U.K. drill-sounding beat.

“I had to pack that heat/She kept showing all the signs, but keep disturbing all my peace/I’m trying to feed the game to n-ggas, but they always think it’s sweet/Just like Future said a while ago, the Feds just did a sweep/Fuck the London drip, we gon’ get our clothes shipped out from Greece,” he spits.

It didn’t take long for people to leave their opinion on the video, and it probably wasn’t the response Julez was expecting. Fans were not feeling the song whatsoever and were left disappointed, especially since Julez is the son of an acclaimed singer and nephew to the two of the biggest artists in their respective genres.

“His mom is solange, his auntie is beyoncé, and his uncle is jay z, but he doesn’t have a lick of musical talent…,” one person tweeted.

Another wrote, “He kept looking back at the door cuz he know he ain’t supposed to be talking like that, and his ppl might walk in. Lil n-ggas wanna be tough and from the streets so bad. Probably ain’t been in the same room with a gun, let alone having one on his personal.”

One person even brought up Diddy’s son King Combs, who also raps but doesn’t use lyrics involving guns or street life. According to the tweet, Julez needs to rap what he’s actually living.

“You don’t see King Combs tryna be a ‘hood’ rapper. That n-gga talk about fly shit, money, and girls. Ya know stuff he can relate to. Like Julez you’re Solange’s son and Beyoncé’s nephew. You better rap about the cranes in the sky and lemonade.”

However, it turns out that Julez wasn’t being serious at all as he later jumped on Instagram and explained the song was simply for one of his music classes. According to the youngster, his focus is on fashion and modeling.

“I have a music class for school I don’t want to do rap at all,” he wrote alongside a picture of the class information. “Have no passion for it one bit. Like I have said countless times, I want to do fashion and modeling.”