Joe Budden Responds To Condom Confession Controversy: 'Y’all Really Want All Black Men In Jail'

Joe Budden has responded to the uproar over his recent condom confession.

During an episode of his titular podcast last week, the rapper-turned-media personality admitted to having faked putting a condom on before sex.

“Even I’ve done walked in the corner and faked like I was putting a condom on before,” Budden said with a laugh. “That shit be working. They’re none the wiser!”

He added: “Yes, I did that, one thousand percent. That was my poor execution of my plan after I mastered it, which was to just bust through the lamb skin. Let me go find the thinnest condom in the world and bust [through it].”

When one of his co-hosts called him a “sicko,” Budden replied: “Nah, I used to be. Please don’t misrepresent me.” According to The Shade Room, the episode was later removed and a new episode was uploaded with no audio.

Non-consensual condom removal, commonly referred to as “stealthing,” is a punishable form of sexual assault in some countries and is even considered by some as rape.

There is currently no law in the U.S. that specifically covers stealthing, although California Governor Gavin Newsom signed a bill last year that made the act a civil offense, meaning victims can sue perpetrators over it.

Budden’s confession sparked a firestorm of reactions on social media, with many condemning him for his past behavior in the bedroom.

“What Joe Budden was doing is called rape. Yes that’s rape,” one person tweeted. “Women did not consent to that. That’s wild he is out here not only admitting to it but joking about it. Comments off.”

Another wrote: “I’m sorry but stealthing or lying to your sexual partner about using a condom is disgusting. If someone requests the use of protection you respect that. Period. If the reports on Joe Budden saying he did that are true then he is truly disgusting for that.”

Another user scolded those defending him, writing: “It’s n-ggas saying Joe Budden’s pretending to put on a condom ‘joke’ wasn’t that bad.

“Of course it means nothing to u becuz no one is disrespecting ur body or taking away ur right to choose. No one is asking u to open up and share an intimate moment with them, then deceiving u.”

After The Shade Room posted an audio clip of his remarks along with some of the reactions on Instagram over the weekend, Budden jumped into the comments section to issue a response.

“Y’all really want all black men in jail lol,” he wrote, to the tune of over 3,000 likes.

This isn’t the first time Joe Budden has found himself in hot water when it comes to his love life. The podcast impresario has been accused of being abusive by two former girlfriends, Tahiry Jose and Cyn Santana.

Last year, Santana even claimed in court documents that Budden played with his dog’s private parts, a wild accusation he vehemently denied.

“I don’t fuck dogs,” he stated on Instagram Live at the time. “I’m not here to talk to the people who believe I abused the very women I have taken care of. It’s just not who I am. It’s not who I’ve been.

“And if I gotta come on here and tell y’all that I don’t hit women and I don’t fuck dogs every day, then I will. If I have to come on here and address my past or my assumed past, I will. The people that know, know and you don’t get where I’m trying to go without some turbulence or without people throwing rocks.”