Joey Bada$$ Admits He Was 'Homophobic In High School' – But Has 'Grown A Lot'

Joey Bada$$ has been using his Twitter account as a confessional in recent days. In addition to revealing his solar eclipse reasoning for leaving Logic’s tour was a hoax, Joey opened up about being homophobic in high school during Tuesday’s rant (June 14).

“I remember I was homophobic in high school before I even knew what that word meant,” he admitted. “I never hated people who were gay I was just insensitive about their feelings because I’d make jokes or say no homo and shit like that. But that was 11 years ago… I’ve grown. ALOT.”

The statement stemmed from rumors of him being “canceled” online for being homophobic and transphobic, the latter of which he denies.

“The internet told me I was cancelled because I was homophobic and transphobic and honestly that was news to me. How do y’all know me better than I know myself,” he asked. “As far as transphobic, I’ve never been that, if my n-gga wanna be a chair, he got my full support.”

He added, “I judge people based on energy, that’s it. I got love for everybody who got love for me. Even for the motherfuckers who don’t.”

The stream of consciousness was seemingly sparked by outrage on social media directed at Lizzo for using “Spaz” in a lyric on her new single “GRRRLs.” Lizzo quickly caved to the public scrutiny and edited the bar. However, like Cardi B, Joey wouldn’t have been swayed by a portion of the public’s reaction.

“Lizzo getting flack for using spazz is crazy,” the Brooklyn native proclaimed. “Wypipo just be waiting for you to say anything remotely off  I’ll be the first to tell y’all, y’all can SMD. I ain’t never apologizing to white America, hold my nuts.”

On the music side, the Pro Era leader is gearing up to unleash his 2000 album on Friday (June 17), which is his first LP since 2017’s All-Amerikkkan Bada$$.