Joey Bada$$ Explains His Album Wasn't Pushed Back Because Of Drake

There aren’t many artists that would want to go toe-to-toe with Drake on an album release date due to how well the Toronto megastar does on streaming services. Because of that, some might pick a new date altogether, which people felt Joey Bada$$ did recently.

The Brooklyn rap star was supposed to release his third studio album 2000 on Friday (June 17) but pushed it back last second due to sample clearance issues. Drake announced his album, and the rumors began swirling that Joey rather not compete with the 6 God and hold off dropping the sequel to 1999.

Joey Bada$$ heard all the commotion and decided to jump on Twitter to explain the delay was not because of Drake. According to the 27-year-old, he waited to inform fans last minute because he was hoping he would get a new release date in time but didn’t, unfortunately.

“Y’all thinking I pushed my album back because drake is comedy. Can’t say I ain’t happy tho hahaha,” Joey Bada$$ said. “I found out I had to push my shit back a week ago. Only reason I waited to last minute to say something was because I was hoping to get a new date for y’all instead of just leaving y’all hanging but I’m still not in the clear yet.”

Speaking of Drake’s new album, Joey revealed he actually rocks with it saying, “I fux with this new drake tho.”

Joey Bada$$ gave the crushing news of his album delay on Thursday (June 16) in a Twitter post that left fans upset. He doesn’t expect the delay to be too long as he expects to have a confirmed date on Monday (June 20).

And even though he didn’t drop a new album, the leader of the Pro Era collective did drop a new song with Chance The Rapper titled “The Highs & The Lows.” Stream it down below.