Kanye West Reps Deny Yeezy + Skid Row Fashion Show: 'Not On Our Schedule'

Los Angeles, CA – Kanye West’s grand vision for a fashion show featuring the underprivileged in Los Angeles has caught the attention of plenty in the area – except his own team.

According to the New York Post, reps for Ye informed the outlet there aren’t any plans to hold a fashion show in Los Angeles with those who live on Skid Row, a notorious stretch of L.A. known for its homeless population.

“Ye has a deep and solution-oriented commitment to addressing issues surrounding homelessness,” a Yeezy GAP spokesperson told The Post. “But this reported event is not on our schedule at this time nor are we aware of any product collaboration in development.”

The Skid Row Fashion Week idea initially emerged via TMZ on Thursday (January 27). After previously touting plans to help Los Angeles’ homeless crisis, the music mogul reportedly met with Skid Row Fashion Week founder David Sabastian during a recording session for his upcoming Donda 2 album.


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According to Sabastian, all proceeds from the fashion show would have gone to help those living on Skid Row. The collaboration between both parties originally was to launch on February 22, but for now, the show isn’t in Ye’s immediate plans.

On Thursday (January 27), Ye did confirm the immediacy of a Donda sequel. Going to his new favorite form of social media in Instagram, the 44-year-old teased a billboard replica of his childhood house engulfed in flames, similar to the third Donda listening session in Chicago last August.

“DONDA2 COMING 2 22 22 EXECUTIVE PRODUCED BY FUTURE,” he captioned the post. To show his dedication to the album dropping, he released a short video outlining how his only focuses in life right now are the album and being there for his four children.

“I don’t have a phone until 2-22-22,” Ye says while in the middle of a massage. “My focus is taking my kids to school and finishing the album.”