Meagan Good’s Reportedly ‘Support’ Her Relationship W/ Jonathan Majors

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Meagan Good’s friends are reportedly in support of her continuing a relationship with Jonathan Majors.

According to reports, a source close to Good explains, “It’s obviously not the best situation, but they’re letting her make her own decisions.”

They added, “It’s been a little stunning to see her go from [ex-husband DeVon Franklin], with faith at the center of their marriage, to Jon, but also understandable why she’d go for someone who’s totally different after being with the same person for so long and not having it work out.”

The source also claims that the two are starting to get more serious. “She and Jonathan are taking it slow, but it’s definitely progressing and getting more serious.”

They added, “She wouldn’t be out and about with him so publicly or be supporting him in his legal situation if the relationship didn’t mean something to her.”