Meek Mill Defends Billionaires Like JAY-Z After Lil Duval Claims They're Looked At As 'Livestock'

Meek Mill’s relationship with the likes of New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft and Fanatics CEO Michael Rubin proved instrumental in his release from prison in April 2018. His closeness with Rubin, who co-owns his hometown Philadelphia 76ers, prompted Meek to ride in Rubin’s helicopter upon release and immediately go to a Sixers playoff game.

Naturally, Meek’s idea of billionaires, including JAY-Z has evolved over the years, even as Hip Hop maintains a strong idea of capitalism. While lauding being part of a collective which purchased popular apparel line Mitchell & Ness on Friday (February 18), Meek took time to spotlight billionaires who actually do good for the people rather than merely horde wealth. After comedian Lil Duval took an issue with the concept of a billionaire in general, prompting Meek to take up for the company he keeps.

“Real billionaires see humans as livestock,” Duval tweeted. “Remember that next time your glorify and praise one.”

Not long after Duval pressed send, Meek was the first to respond. “I got some black,white asian billionaire friends ….. this a lie,” he wrote.

In a follow-up tweet, he elaborated further, writing, “Jay and mike one of them! They do a lot and don’t have to verses people who make millions and don’t do nothing for their own people!”

Meek’s quick defense prompted many on social media to wonder how Meek couldn’t see the actions billionaires take in order to accumulate wealth, even if he’s become great friends with the likes of Rubin, Kraft and more.

“As a reminder association with billionaire class does not make you a friend… your apologetics makes you their employee,” one Twitter user wrote.

Many others pointed out when Meek pitched into buying Kraft a Bentley or the time he lost a bet and had to perform the Bunny Hop on a tennis court, enforcing the idea of him being cool entertainment and access to a world certain billionaires only obtain through being friends with celebrities.

The deal with Mitchell & Ness is a full circle Hip Hop moment, not only for Meek but Hov as well. Nearly 20 years ago, the Brooklyn mogul helped usher out Hip Hop’s throwback fashion era dominated by classic baseball, basketball and football jerseys and brought in dress shirts, oversized blazers and more.

“Fashion is cyclical, but classics are forever. Mitchell & Ness is a true classic,” JAY-Z said in a statement. “I was an early adopter of this brand, as well as a part of a departure from athletic wear. I’m proud to play a small role in bringing it back, and in some cases, introducing the authenticity and quality of the Mitchell & Ness brand to a new generation.”