Megan Thee Stallion Reveals When She’ll Drop New Music

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Megan Thee Stallion sent social media into a FRENZY!

Earlier today, the hot girl was spotted holding hands with soccer star, Romelu Lukaku. The pair was in Italy for a wedding, reportedly for one of Romelu’s teammates.

A video went viral of Meg sitting next to Romelu. Initially, things looked innocent, especially considering the fact Meg and Romelu are both signed with Roc Nation. However, a photo surfaced on the Internet of the two holding hands and social media users instantly questioned, “where is Pardi?” Referring to Megan’s man, music producer Pardison Fontaine. 

Take a look:

The comment section + Black Twitter had a lot of comments. Someone said, “whew, that breakup was quieter than a church mouse on Easter Sunday.” On Twitter, one celebrity praised the “Captain Hook” rapper and said, “I love that we don’t know when Megan and Pardi separated. She just pops out with a new man outa nowhere. Bring back the mystique of being a celebrity.” Another fan said, “As someone who was rooting for Megan and Pardi I am currently crying and throwing up.”

Megan and Romelu haven’t spoken out on their encounter and Pardi hasn’t publicly said anything or reacted as of yet. In music news, hotties will have to replay Megan’s old stuff because she’s not releasing new music right now. 

During an interview with Instyle Magazine, Megan said, “Fans can expect new music when I’m in a better place. Right now, I’m focused on healing.”

The last few years have been filled with celebrations but also challenges. In 2019, she signed a management deal with Roc Nation, but her mother passed away from a brain tumor. Two weeks later, her grandmother passed away. During a 2022 interview, Megan said,

“Although all these positive things have been happening to me, and I’ve been trying to do good, been trying to keep a smile on my face, stay strong, to stay happy for me and my other grandmother and the rest of my family, it’s pretty hard.”

In 2020, she was shot by Tory Lanez, who will be sentenced next month. The following year, Megan graduated from Texas Southern University, with her bachelor’s degree in health administration. 

In 2022, she got into a nasty legal battle with her former label, 1501 Certified Entertainment, which is still ongoing

It’s nice seeing Megan live her life after multiple tribulations. Her comeback is about to be on FIRE! Real Hot Girl sh*t (*Megan Voice*)