Prayers Up! Kelis Says She And Her Children ‘Almost Fell Off A Cliff’ During Snowstorm

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Prayers up!

Kelis reveals she and her children almost fell off a cliff during the California snowstorm.

In a lengthy Instagram video, Kelis explains, “so the car got stuck, my truck got stuck. It’s, like, hanging off. Praise god, the tow truck actually made it.”

She continued,“We’ve been outside for a while, but we had all this snowboarding gear, so God is good. And I figured if you’re gonna be in the situation, you should at least look your best. So I’m wearing layers to keep warm.”

The singer says her snow gear helped her be prepared for the storm. “I’ve got my light on, thank God, because it’s pitch black out here. … Silver boots, little reflective action. You know, things could be worse. This is ridiculous. Rescue fashion! This is rescue fashion. See? Always be prepared.”

Kelis shared the video of her car stuck in the snow, with the caption, “my plan was to take the kids to the snow, but we almost fell off a cliff! So make the best of what ya got n always be prepared lol #bigbear #blizzard #snowstorm #rescue #fashion #grateful.”

We are thankful that Kelis and her family is okay. Take a look below.