Safaree Shares Bounce Back Taking $80K Loss On His Rapper Gold Chain

With just about everyone participating in the “10 Year Challenge” showing off their glow-ups on social media, Safaree joined the mix but made sure to use his platform to teach his followers a lesson when it comes to living outside your means and flexing going wrong.

Safaree reflected on a time about a decade ago when he was photographed wearing his most expensive chain which cost him about $130,000, but when he fell down on his luck and hard times came years later, the Love & Hip Hop star could only get $50,000 for the iced-out jewelry when he sold it.

“I spent 130K on that chain.. It’s not to brag but I would never do anything like that again,” Safaree wrote in a series of Instagram Stories since deactivating his account. “Then I went broke and sold it, I only got 50K for it back from the jeweler!! Lesson learned but we all fall down and get up.”

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The Barbz got wind of Safaree’s post and lined up the timelines of the photos with the main difference for him being in a relationship with Nicki Minaj and then not dating the Queen.

Some fans even alleged that Nicki purchased the chain for Safaree as a gift and he went and sold it anyway afterward.

“Now Safaree know damn well Nicki brought that chain for 130k,” one fan wrote. “We know the queen gifted you that hunny.”

Safaree and Nicki Minaj dated for about a decade starting from approximately 2004 when she was part of his The Hood$tars crew until their late 2014 break-up.