T-Pain Teams Up With Alka-Seltzer To Cure Your Hangover

T-Pain doesn’t want you to blame it on the alcohol anymore. The “Buy U A Drank” singer and Alka-Seltzer have joined forces to help curb your hangover.

The hangover relief cocktail tablets are said to have you feeling energized after a night of drinking without the usual “headaches, body aches or mental fatigue.”


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T-Pain even remixed the usual “Oh what a relief it is” jingle to give it a modern spin while mixing in his signature melodic AutoTuned flow.

“Look at that thing I did…yup, I rewrote the Alka-Seltzer jingle,” he wrote on Instagram on Tuesday (June 28). “Did you know there’s a new product for the day after?? Leave last night in the past with new Alka-Seltzer Hangover Relief.”

“I wanted to update it and make it more fresh, today and more T-Pain,” he said in the ad. “The inspiration behind the jingle was my sound. My updated feel about how things are resonating today.”


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The 37-year-old avid drinker is a believer in the product and says he’s been using it effectively for his own hangovers in recent months.

“I’m always looking for hangover relief, so why not make a product that works for me and sing a song about it. Now that we have this new product, it’s been a life saver.”