Tasha K Takes L In Appeal Over $4 Million Lawsuit, Apologizes To Cardi B. 

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The YouTuber Tasha K lost her appeal over the $4 million she owes Cardi B. 

Today (March 21), Tasha revealed she took an L in the case. Initially, the “Be Careful” rapper won the defamation lawsuit, but Tasha took it to the Supreme Court. Tasha spoke out on social media and offered an olive branch to Cardi when she apologized. Tasha said,

“Damn Winos! We lost the appeal against Cardi B sad day. But I’m gonna be alright. I appreciate all your love [and] support. Throughout this fight. Today we throw in the white flag.” Tasha went on to tell her fans that this situation won’t occur again. Tasha said,

“What happened will never happen again. To Cardi [and] her team, I apologize sincere. We live and learn.” Take a look:

In 2018, Tasha alleged inappropriate comments about Cardi. Tasha claimed Cardi had contracted an STD and abused drugs. In 2019, Cardi filed a lawsuit and admitted during federal court, that the lies caused her to suffer from suicidal thoughts. 

Cardi won the case and a judge ordered the gossip vlogger to pay the rapper $3,868,753.47. Initially, Tasha disagreed with the ruling and refused to remove the defamatory posts until she was threatened with jail time. 

Last year in September, Tasha appealed the verdict. One month later, a judge ordered Tasha to pay up immediately. Fast forward to now, Tasha must pay. 

Tasha is making light of the situation but seems serious about paying Cardi back. She’s willing to get a job at a fast-food restaurant. 

Cardi B. seemingly reacts: