YTB Fatt On Getting Signed, His Relationship With Moneybagg Yo, New Projects + More

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Memphis’ very own YTB Fatt is the latest rapper to get signed to Moneybagg Yo’s Bread Gang record label. We sat down with him to speak about what inspired his career, his relationship with Moneybagg Yo, new projects, why he doesn’t want to work with rappers outside his label and more.

Oumou Fofana: There’s a lot of hard rappers coming out. You’re one of the hottest out of West Memphis right now. How does that make you feel?

YTB Fatt: It makes me feel good but it’s like a little more work I gotta put in until I feel real comfortable. But, I don’t wanna get comfortable. I’m trying to feel all right… I’m just thankful. I be thankful.

Fofana: So what made you want to start rapping?

YTB Fatt: Really they were rapping in my hood. Half my hood was rapping and they really weren’t rapping about everything. So I just took it upon myself to start rapping so I could just let everybody know what’s really going on. They were letting folks know what was going on though, but they wouldn’t let ’em know everything.

Fofana: Who did you grow up listening to? Like who can you say inspired your career?

YTB Fatt: Yo Gotti number one. Meek Mill, who else? It’s just a lot of rappers, I don’t know where to start. Lil Wayne, Young Thug, Rich Homie Quan, like a lot of the ones that were the highlight when they were in their prime.

Fofana: How does it feel being the new star of Moneybagg Yo’s BreadGang label?

YTB Fatt: I ain’t really feel like I was a star I ain’t gonna lie. But it really feel like I was supposed to have been around. Like how they treat me, how we go about our relationship, it feels like we all like family.

Fofana: So it feels natural.

YTB Fatt: Yea, like I just blend right in.

Fofana: What is the story behind you meeting Moneybagg Yo and then getting signed?

YTB Fatt: Um, I used to gamble a lot with his little cousin. He ain’t know I rapped but we used to just meet up and gamble until they started playing my music at the dice games. Then he would used to say like, “Who is this?” And then I was like, “The person you gambling with, that’s my music.” He was like, “Okay.” Shout out Fat Wizza. He started telling people about me and then the word just started spreading. I was already hot in like Arkansas. When it got to Bagg, they just told me to get to Miami.

Fofana: So how is your relationship like with him now that you’re signed?

YTB Fatt: Big brother, little brother. We talk about real life situation. Our relationship got real deep, like we talk about real family problems, personal problems, like everyday life. I go to him for advice everyday really.

Fofana: You guys just released a new single together titled “Shot Off Gumbo.” How was it like working on that record?

YTB Fatt: Bagg believed in me and I’m going hard. Working with him is the best ’cause he gets me and knows my potential for greatness.

Fofana: What was the inspiration behind the record though?

YTB Fatt: The song was inspired by our lifestyle and partnering with Gumbo brands.

Fofana: What is your creative process like? 

YTB Fatt: I just rap. I don’t write, I don’t play nothing, I just go straight to the mic. I be trying to make like eight songs a night.

Fofana: That’s dope. What has been the highlight of your career thus far?

YTB Fatt: Me bringing my whole hood — well not my whole hood because my whole hood real deep — but me bringing like half my hood to Miami. My hood and my family mixed in. I put them in a big Airbnb, it was fun. That was the best highlight really. When I be traveling with the label, it feel like I’m traveling with my family. Like, it be fun.

Fofana: Are you working on anymore projects right now? 

YTB Fatt: We just releasing visuals right now but I got like three albums put up. I been working.

Fofana: When do you think you’re going to release your debut album?

YTB Fatt: Probably like in the summertime. But I’m just going to stick to the visuals right now to lead up to album time.

Fofana: Any major collaborations or performances coming up?

YTB Fatt: Yeah I got some good joints on the way. Me and Bagg got some stuff. We’ve been chopping it over with [Lil] Durk.

Fofana: What about your dream collaborations?

YTB Fatt: I don’t really have anyone in mind that I want to work with. I just really like working with my label, anybody with the label. I swear that’s about it. I do some music with other rappers though but I just ain’t into it. I don’t be caring, I wanna do the music with my label.

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