Addictive Accidents The Most Talented Rap Duo You’ve Yet To Hear of

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Recently during one of my late nights surfing through random recommended videos on my YouTube I happened to come across the Hip-Hop Duo of Timmy Turn Up & JStreet aka Addictive Accidents. the night begun with me coming across Timmy Turn Ups most recent song OnlyFans, a track that flips iraq lobster from family guy into a very catchy humerous song about a woman running to OnlyFans to fix her financial troubles. I found myself playing it over and over again before I decided to see what else the channel had to offer, and boy was I pleasantly surprised. For a group I have never heard of making music out of Pennsylvania a place not as known for pushing the envelope and creating original sounds the way these two make music is nothing short of impressive and refreshing. I ended up diving into almost everything if not everything on the channel and there’s everything from songs that make you laugh, to songs that make you miss that certain someone, to songs that make you want to dance, and finally to songs that make you want to break stuff… Limp Bizkit jokes still comical in 2024? I recommend diving in and giving this group your listen and attention moving forward. If I were to give you five to start with this first songs you should play are OnlyFans, Big Dawg$, Intro To My Street, Broke Boy, and last but not least Blitzburgh Jackboy$.


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