‘Adolescence Returns’ Is A Devin Millar Song Worth Checking Out For Memories Of 2010s Electronic Music

3B624034-BCEA-4503-9113-EF43ACA47D4B-500x281 ‘Adolescence Returns’ Is A Devin Millar Song Worth Checking Out For Memories Of 2010s Electronic Music

The master at animation and music has returned with another potential hit.

Devin Millar remade his old song, “Adolescence” and released a music video to go with it. The word “Returns” is added to the title, making the title of this song “Adolescence Returns” which already got released on Spotify and other streaming platforms. The video released afterward only adds to the Devin Millar spirit.

In the video, we are taken to the streets of Portland and Devin walks around in his signature outfit and sings about how he is changing everyday like everyone else. He sings and dances throughout the streets, to the camera, and looking at crowds and passing cars. The song ends with Devin singing against the setting sun with the silhouette of his mouth singing. This video is on his YouTube channel and is another fixture to his library of songs.

Devin was on a roll of new music videos and releasing them at a rapid rate. All over many took notice of his comeback and he is happy about the success in it.

This song is an homage to the original “Adolescence” released in 2016, which was used in a short-lived Hulu series, Shut Eye. The song had a resurgence when it was used, although this is not the only time Devin’s music received this type of treatment. Keep in mind Devin makes animations, videos, and animation adaptions or parodies of Creepypastas and other internet and popular media. He sprinkles his music in those.

Devin continues to create music and videos to go with each song, in addition to flaunting his new style inspired by Melanie Martinez.

“Adolescence Returns” was the most usage of it so far and he has already been getting more attention than in his Fedora and Voodoo Doughnut Recording days of releasing music with them. This song reflects his past and the cover was even stylized like the original song’s cover, only this time with the new, playful Devin Millar touch.

Devin Millar is here to stay with his return to music.

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