Akilliz: From Humble Beginnings to Global Sounds

Screenshot-2024-02-23-144745 Akilliz: From Humble Beginnings to Global Sounds

Akilliz’s musical voyage originates in El Monte, CA, now bridging coasts with his base in Kansas City. For him, artistry transcends mere creation; it’s a soulful narrative open to all.

His musical palette echoes the heyday of Hip Hop, drawing from luminaries like Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, Eazy E, The Game, alongside a fusion of Hispanic rhythms from Residente, Tego Calderon, Don Omar, and Daddy Yankee. However, his ultimate muse is his children, whom he hopes to inspire with his dedication and passion.

Akilliz embarked on his musical journey at 16, crafting beats and lyrics in his basement. Fourteen years later, his commitment remains unshaken. Continuing on his path to creating the best music possible.

Despite lifes hurdles, Akilliz has established himself in the industry, collaborating with major studios and artists like Joey Cool of Strange Music and his brother JL B Hood. His music has found its way onto MTV, VH1, FIFA World Cup, Netflix, HBO Max, and various streaming platforms.

Akilliz’s narrative is one of resilience, family, and relentless pursuit of dreams. As a producer, songwriter, and recording artist, he pushes boundaries, seeking collaboration with global artists to create music that resonates universally. With monthly releases planned, Akilliz’s journey continues, promising more impactful contributions to the music scene.


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