Cardi B Defends Not Allowing Kulture to Listen to ‘WAP’

Cardi B has a message for her critics.

The rapper is responding to a video of her stopping her daughter Kulture from listening to her hit single “WAP.” In the clip, which was originally from an August Instagram livestream, Cardi can be seen dancing and singing along to her chart-topping collaboration with Megan Thee Stallion before her two-year-old bursts into the room. Cardi scrambles to turn the song off on her phone so that Kulture doesn’t hear the explicit lyrics.

After the video resurfaced this week, she faced backlash on social media for censoring her music around Kulture, but Cardi was quick to put her critics in their place. When one person accused her of having “an agenda to push,” she fired back, claiming that parents should be responsible for their own children.

“Ya needs to stop with this already! I’m not JoJo Siwa!” tweeted Cardi, referencing the 17-year-old Nickelodeon star. “I don’t make music for kids I make music for adults. Parents are responsible on what their children listen too [sic] or see. I’m a very sexual person but not around my child just like every other parent should be.”

Cardi continued to defend her parenting. “There’s moms who are strippers. Pop pussy, twerk all night for entertainment does that mean they do it around their kids? No! Stop makin this a debate. It’s pretty much common sense,” she said.

Despite all the criticism, “WAP” was a huge success, topping the Billboard charts and many critics’ best of 2020 lists.