Davido, Steve Stoute, Tokischa: The Pioneers of SelectCon 005’s Music Innovation

UnitedMasters SelectCon 005: A Triumph of Independence and Innovation, Headlined by Global Icons Tokischa, Davido and Steve Stoute, ushers in a new era for the music industry

unnamed-38 Davido, Steve Stoute, Tokischa: The Pioneers of SelectCon 005's Music Innovation

Where Artistry Meets Corporate Excellence with Partners Ally, Diageo, Delta Airlines, and Visa, Redefining the Convergence of Music, Independence, and Innovation

New York, NY – October 16, 2023 – UnitedMasters, in partnership with Ally, Diageo, Delta Airlines, and Visa, has once again set the stage for a monumental experience with SelectCon 005. Held at the iconic Terminal 5 and headlined by global music sensations Tokischa and Davido, alongside the visionary Steve Stoute, the event marked an extraordinary convergence of music, business, and personal journeys.

UnitedMasters, in partnership with esteemed partners Ally, Diageo, Delta Airlines, and Visa, has once again delivered an extraordinary experience with SelectCon 005. The event’s elite speakers, including Steve Stoute, Rashad Bilal, and Troy Millings of Earn Your Leisure, LVRN, and Elliott Wilson, took the stage to share insights, drop gems, and take the audience on journeys that transcended the boundaries of traditional industry events. The success of SelectCon 005 resonates not only in the incredible performances but in the profound conversations that unfolded, revealing the authentic stories behind the music and business triumphs. UnitedMasters, the trailblazing force at the intersection of music, technology, and independence, continues to lead the charge in shaping the future of the music industry, providing a platform where creativity, independence, and innovation come together. reinforcing the platform’s commitment to promoting and supporting emerging talent.

The event went beyond the stage performances, offering a platform for artists like Davido and Tokischa to share personal stories that transcended their musical journeys. Davido’s candid reflections on the highs and lows of managing his own label, the tragedy of losing his son, and the joy of new beginnings with the birth of his twins provided a raw and intimate glimpse into the life of a global music icon. Steve Stoute, the visionary CEO of UnitedMasters, not only discussed the future of music but made a groundbreaking announcement of the launch of UnitedMasters in Nigeria later this year. This expansion marks a strategic move to empower and support artists on a global scale.

Tokischa, known for her powerful and authentic music, opened up about the inspiration behind her most popular songs. She shared the pain and truth embedded in her music, highlighting the therapeutic release that comes from expressing oneself creatively. Tokischa also emphasized the importance of creative control and brand ownership in the music industry.

Throughout the event, speakers emphasized the power of independence for artists. Steve Stoute did a deep dive of the advantages of having Translation, a powerhouse branding and campaign agency, under the UnitedMasters umbrella, providing artists with unparalleled support in building their brands.

Guests were treated to an exclusive tasting experience featuring Diageo brands, including Baileys Chocolate, Bulleit, and other premium selections. This added a touch of sophistication to the event, creating a multisensory experience for attendees.

SelectCon 005 was more than an event; it showcased the power of music, technology, and independence to shape narratives, redefine success, and celebrate the authenticity of artists and entrepreneurs.

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