De Royce Releases “City Girls” Single After Well Received ‘On The Radar’ Performance

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New York native De Royce hits smooth notes and procures a nice vibe for the ears with his new single “City Girls.” Royce is all for making women feel good and aims to empower them with his distinctive, creative vocal style which sonically is similar to Tory Lanez.

We also did a dope interview with him about life which you can check in full below.

What is hip hop/R&B to you and how do you plan on adding to the legacy of it?

“Hip Hop/R&B to me is a beautiful diverse cultural movement that is constantly evolving. I see myself blending both sides and bringing some melodic & smoothness for the ladies. I want to also bring back the fun in music where you are in the club just dancing with good vibrations.”

Being from New York what are a few way or things curators can do to møtive garnering exposure for artists?

“I feel there should be a main outlet in the city that every local artist would want to partake in because they know that event is known to break artists into the industry. They should network events & shows from artist that already have a core fan base with new talented artists that they have a chance to gain some of other artist fans and help build their core. I feel that would be one ideal way.”

One of you biggest things within music is inspiration, what’s one particular track from you people can listen to and feel motivated? Why?

“I would say “Welcome to my city” is a record people can listen to and get motivated or inspired because in that song I’m basically letting them know I’m “him” in my city. I say “oh now they are sick, cause I got motion” I feel that should motivate anyone who’s been doubted in anything they’re trying to accomplish, don’t ever give up everyone started from 0. This is a marathon not a sprint.”

What are a few artists that motivate you? Why? What tracks from them make you feel that way and why?

“I could say Tory Lanez music help motivate me because I feel we share similarities. We both are melodic, smooth, & versatile love making music for the ladies but got lit vibes for the fellas. You got “Broken promises” by Tory I really like that song cause he’s expressing a lot of emotion and you can hear it in vocals while he’s singing to the female, that’s one of my favorite records from him cause vocals were tuff in that song. Gotta give bro his flowers he’s super talented.”

What’s a unique story you never shared with anyone about the industry that you would mind sharing with us?

“I could say so far I haven’t encountered or experienced such a story. I share my whole journey with yah I would prefer it that way.”

What do you tell yourself and something that you would tell other artists about pushing your music? Why?

“Might sound cliche but it’s facts, no one else on your team should feel like they want it more than you. Stay locked in, stay focused, stay hungry, stay self motivated, & don’t be lazy. Put in the work & keep dropping music consistently. I made mistakes in the past influenced by the team around me at the time to drop one song and just focus that song the majority of the year in me releasing like 2-3 songs a year. It’s terrible that we live in such a fast paced world. Once you ain’t drop in a minute people forget about you and are already listening to someone else. Drop every month until some hits, stay consistent & build content around that.”

You have a very supportive and loyal fan base, how do you go about building it daily? Tips to artists about building it?

“Staying true to yourself, being real & like I mentioned before, stay consistent, just keep dropping constantly. Keep your fans coming back for more every month like a monthly subscription [haha].”

He aims to release a full body of work soon but in the meantime Royce wants to release single by single to continue to grow as an artist.

Listen to “City Girls” Below.

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