“Dr. Noxx Unleashes Old-School Hip Hop Revival with Latest Album ‘The Public Enemy’”

The rapper and producer of gangsta rap known as Dr. Noxx has released his latest LP album, “The Public Enemy.” The gigantic record contains 14 original Dr. Noxx tracks for an approximate total listening time of over an hour. It has been proudly published on the Bloody Corp Inc. independent music label without the support or involvement of the corporate music industry.

Based on old-school foundations of hip hop but bringing its own cutting edge of stylistic nuance into the new millennium, “The Public Enemy” by Dr. Noxx is a record fans of the gangsta sound everywhere will want a piece of.

Dr. Noxx cites as main artistic influences several of the titanic legends and masterminds of the genre, including Public Enemy, MC Ren, Ice T, and Boogie Down Productions (which included KRS-One, D-Nice and DJ Scott La Rock among others later). His own sound will almost certainly appeal to fans of the old school, his beats coming largely from the 808s and 909s tradition, and his lines landing mostly on the beats as was standard for more than twenty years.

Additionally, Dr. Noxx’s lyric prowess extends beyond English alone into French, making him one of few artists to publish a full-length rap album for the French language in 2023 so far.

Asked to discuss the overall themes and meanings of his songs on “The Public Enemy,” Dr. Noxx writes, “My album is about all social problems, problems such as drugs, racism, police brutality, crime, sex, religious wars, and much more.”

Dr. Noxx’s sound is intentionally based on the ’80s and early ’90s feel of gangsta rap. His instrumentation is taken from analog as much as possible, and the result is an album which will appeal to a broad variety of hip hop’s fans

A veteran of the sound, Dr. Noxx says, “Since 1998, I worked as a producer. I started with music as was done in the 1980s with samplers and a rhythm box, and I played keyboards.”

Naturally, the music comes out with that original groove because Noxx has made it this way out of love for the original hip hop quality which spawned a movement forty years ago.

“I think the old school should come back and replace the mainstream,” he says.

“The Public Enemy” by Dr. Noxx is available on dr-noxx.bandcamp.com for only 7.00$.

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