From Silence to Sound: Steven Braunstein’s ‘Be Good’ Makes Its Debut

Steven-Braunstein-500x481 From Silence to Sound: Steven Braunstein's 'Be Good' Makes Its Debut

Steven Braunstein, known to many as an accomplished actor, is stepping into a new spotlight with the release of his first official single, “Be Good.” This enchanting track marks a significant crossover in his career, as he transitions from the realm of acting to pursue his lifelong passion for music. Born and raised in the world of entertainment, Braunstein is ready to share his heartfelt melodies and stories through a different medium.

“Be Good” takes listeners on an emotional journey as it explores the age-old narrative of love, loss, and heartbreak. The song delves into the classic story of a boy who falls head over heels for a girl, only to be left shattered when she walks away. The heart-wrenching lyrics and soulful melody create a captivating musical experience that resonates with anyone who has loved and lost. The creation of “Be Good” was an unexpected yet serendipitous journey. It all began when Braunstein’s film school roommate proposed the idea of shooting a music video for his directing project. The idea of being the lead vocalist in a music video intrigued him, and thus, the song was born. Steven Braunstein’s passion for music merged seamlessly with his creative vision, leading to the creation of “Be Good.”

“Be Good” is not just a song; it’s a comeback for Steven Braunstein. After leaving the entertainment industry in his early twenties to find himself, he returned with a wealth of life experiences and lessons in tow. His journey led him from living on a farm to traveling the world, all while earning two college degrees. Now, it feels like his path has come full circle, with “Be Good” marking the next chapter in his artistic journey.

While Steven Braunstein is currently gauging the audience’s response to “Be Good,” there are exciting plans in the works. A club edit of the song is on the horizon, and an acoustic cover is also in the works, giving listeners more to look forward to in the near future. As the song and video continue to evolve, Braunstein is keen to remain attuned to what his audience wants to hear and see.

As Steven takes his first steps into the world of music, it’s clear that his unique voice and heartfelt melodies will capture the hearts of many. “Be Good” is not just a song; it’s a story, a journey, and a labor of love, and it’s just the beginning of what promises to be a remarkable musical career.

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