GS Flipp Releases New Single ‘XO’ — Continuing His Musical Journey

Rising music sensation Tai’Wan “GS Flipp” Bradley announces the release of his latest single, “XO,” available on all major streaming platforms from June 13,2024. This new release comes on the heels of his successful debut single “Long Ride,” which was introduced to the world on April 23, 2024. “Long Ride” was celebrated for its raw emotional resonance, infectious melodies, and GS Flipp’s authentic storytelling, setting a high bar for his musical journey.

Following the success of “Long Ride,” which captivated listeners with its pulsating beats and hypnotic rhythms, “XO” marks a significant evolution in GS Flipp’s musical style and artistic persona. This track is not just a song, but a narrative rich in stories of experience and emotion, appealing to both long-time followers and new fans. It represents a powerful reintroduction to GS Flipp’s evolving artistry, influenced by profound personal growth and new creative directions.

Reflecting on the last six months, GS Flipp notes significant changes in his life and music, sparked by relocating to a new city and collaborating with a new engineer. “Now, it’s all coming together. I’m truly in my creative era,” says GS Flipp. This period is not just about maintaining his storytelling prowess but expanding it with a richer, more versatile sound.

Currently focusing on these singles, GS Flipp is also crafting a larger project that promises to showcase his evolved sound and artistic maturity. Known previously as 99Baby, he is eager to introduce his long-time fans and new listeners to this fresh, innovative phase. Alongside this project, GS Flipp is gearing up for a tour in the Philippines this September, where he plans to share his unique blend of authenticity and innovation.

gsflipp-500x500 GS Flipp Releases New Single 'XO' — Continuing His Musical Journey

“I’m not here to fit into a mold. I’m here to be genuine, to resonate and connect,” he adds. GS Flipp is committed to bringing authenticity and relatability to the music scene. His work encourages listeners to embrace their realities, navigate life’s highs and lows, and deeply feel every emotion.

GS Flipp’s vision is for his listeners to feel inspired, comforted, and understood through his music, sharing real stories that move and profoundly affect people. As he reflects on his personal milestones, he views reaching this current point in his career as his greatest achievement—a true testament to his resilience and dedication to his art.

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