Gus Used to Run Away from Home in fear of Biblical Prophecies

baptizedii-500x500 Gus Used to Run Away from Home in fear of Biblical Prophecies

August Russell has a deep history in not only being a Christian, but also studying the biblical prophecies in relation to current events.

“I see the logic in it. I see the reality in it. But still the Bible says no man knows the day or the hour, however we can know the season”.

After being saved at age 15 at an altar – call in his church in Saint Louis, he began intense, life-changing studies in biblical prophecy.

“When I first began intensely being discipled and studying those words, it was very hard. I would be fasting every day and I lost probably over 75 LBS in a year from that alone.”

He believes that although there is no time limit on those prophecies, current events, seem to point in the direct of “the end as the Bible describes it”.

“When I look at A.I. and the mark implant… That’s Straight Outta the Book of Revelation. When I look at Ukraine, that’s the tipping point of the Psalm 23 war. When I look at other things, it points in the direction of what God said in the Bible”.

A true student of eschatology. GUS has heard, studied, and been aware of almost every conspiracy theory out there.

He’s even been to a pre-college, seminary type program for homeschooled students when he was a teenager.

At age 30 now, he’s still holding true to his faith. He believes that the world can go on for millions of years, if that is God is wanting it to.

However, he stated “The prophetic scriptures in the Old Testament were not necessarily fulfilled in the way that it was well believed. Many people will call me crazy, but I think events in the Bible such as the 7 – Year treaty is closer than we think. Look at the news”.

But what August truly finds fascinating is one specific prophecy that states “the Euphrates River would be dried up before the last battle between God and his enemies”. Over thousands of years, it’s not been dry, until recent times.

“I believe that although these things strongly resemble the Bible, it’s not a means to drop out of work, or school, or run away. I did those things when I was a teenager, and it messed up a lot of my mental health and external relationships.”

August used to run away from home when he was a youth. “Sometimes, when I felt too overwhelmed, I would just pack a bag and leave… My parents would find me at the bus station downtown, during the winter. After, I would just disappear. I was serious, really serious, and anxious about it all. I DEFINITELY do not suggest letting fear, dictate your study of eschatology.”

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“I believe that no matter how closely resembling these prophetic scriptures are, God is in control, and ultimately, its dependent on trusting in Him. I suggest you do your research, pray. And God will show you. God can come back at any time, even thousands of years from now. However, we just never know for sure”.

August believes that the Bible proves itself to be true based upon the prophetic scriptures, and its teachings.

“Jesus was a historical person. He’s just a prayer away, today too. Sometimes I like to think of Jesus being alive today, in a city such as Jerusalem, where you can visit or call Him. When you think of God alive in this type of way, it truly draws you closer to Him. He is! He is ever present, too!”

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