HBK Trell is Making Waves in the Music Industry

17C9A788-866A-43D9-89BC-B6EC4A848D1E-500x500 HBK Trell is Making Waves in the Music Industry

Rising Rap/Hip Hop artist out of Columbia, MO New Album is set to release his highly anticipated album HBK VS. Trizzy this Friday October 27th. With features from Cookie The HBIC, 20 songs and 2 sides. SIDE HBK & SIDE TRIZZY. In this album expect to enter two different worlds. SIDE HBK you can expect to feel HBK Trell’s feelings and understand the pain he’s gone through in the past. Side HBK is more about Love, heartbreak and betrayal as for SIDE TRIZZY you will get the IDGAF HBK and Turn Up. HBK Trell says “this is the most important album I’ve ever dropped and I think it’s my best. If you don’t like it then maybe your not the target audience but I can guarantee there are no skips in this one.

We asked HBK Trell what is your favorite single from the album?

Which he replied “that’s a hard one because I love all 20 singles but if I had to pick one that stands out the most it would probably have to be memories with you.”

What is the inspiration behind “HBK VS. TRIZZY”?

“The inspiration behind this album is really just things that I’ve been through in life, I feel like my fans and new listeners will basically enter part of my life and get a deeper dive of what I’m feeling most the time.”

What do you have planned after your album release?

“I’ll be headlining my national tour for HBK VS. TRIZZY w/ DJ JAIL//BREAK and bringing along $DMIDD$ and Norfside Rod. We will be performing in St. Louis, Mo, Independence, MO, Columbia, Mo, Omaha, Ne, Tulsa Ok, Houston, Tx, Denver, CO and NEW YORK!”

Make sure to stay intuned with HBK Trell and his music. You can follow him on IG @HBKTrell_ and Twitter @TrizzyHBK


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